Chevrons Deference and the BATFE — what does it mean to you?  About forty years ago the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) created what is now known as Chevron Deference.  As the Brookings Institute explains, this allows the courts to defer to reasonable agency interpretation of ambiguous federal statutes.  Possibly the greatest legacy of the current SCOTUS may be one of annihilating the administrative state, by ending doctrine of Chevron Deference. 

SCOTUS’s recent rulings have put the EPA back on its heels and sent a shot across the bow of all federal (and many state) agencies. This matters to all of us as Second Amendment supporters that this is happening because the ability of the BATFE may be greatly curtailed to only being able to do what Congress has told them to do. They do not have the ability to make law. 

Another case pending before SCOTUS is Looper Bright Enterprises v Raimondo.  This case will not be decided until early next year, but court watchers think that based on other recent comments and rulings that this case may be the end of Chevron Deference once and for all.  

There is an incredibly timely piece published on May 28th at by Congressman Paul A. Gosar about the out-of-control BATFE.   The pending pistol rule “reinterpetation” will make as many as 40 million Americans instant felons over a piece of plastic. To quote Rep. Gosar on the importance of this issue:

“By no stretch of the imagination is this a partisan issue, despite some vulnerable members’ concern that this is a controversial topic — far from it! On the contrary, supporting this rule is the radical position which will require an answer from enraged voters. Since pistols and people with disabilities exist in every congressional district, all constituencies are affected by this rule.”

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Dave Funk
President, IFC