Be Ready At All Times – A ChiCom Red Dawn in 2024?

“BE READY AT ALL TIMES” is a common South African Professional Hunter statement when you are in the bush and on the trail of an animal. How does that apply here in Iowa, and across the USA these days? I’m not just talking about being ready to defend yourself from criminal assault.

First, let me set the stage: 

Have you seen the 1984 movie RED DAWN by John Milius? It was based on a fictional invasion of the United States by the then USSR and how a bunch of high school kids had to grow up overnight and became partisans.

Today we have an intentionally uncontrolled US-Mexico border where literally millions have crossed into the US illegally since the start of the Biden Administration. Many of whom are military-age males of Chinese descent.

China’s Covert War

Continued harassment of US Forces in the South China Sea by the CCP Navy and Air Force, a reconnaissance balloon that flew over the US, and the feckless ( Compromised?) Biden Administration did nothing until it cleared our mainland and had completed its mission. That same CCP is behind the loss of over 100,00 American young people per year to fentanyl poisoning. Our Intelligence agencies are reporting that COVID-19 was made in a lab. What would you do differently if you were looking to weaken your opponents around the world than what the CCP has done with COVID? Seven million people have lost their lives because of a genetically modified virus from a ChiCom Bio-lab. We have daily cyber hacking attempts out of China on America’s critical infrastructure, and rifle fire attacks on electrical power transmission stations. Widespread intelligence operations across America using CCP-provided tools and technologies and even secret CCP Police Stations here inside our borders.

China set out to dominate the world in 1949 and has been engaged in Total War against the US ever since.

Some argue that China is a Dying Paper Dragon…but that cornered dragon appears to have the goods on America’s POTUS and his minions. Chairman Xi knows that demographics are against his and his predecessor’s desire to dominate the world by 2049. The one-child policy has propelled China into having the fastest aging population in the world. In less than one generation, by 2050 his population will be a fraction of what it is today. To make this dream possible, they must control the first island chain in the Pacific Ocean.

Why does this matter to us? Chairman Xi knows he has a small window to retake Taiwan. That window is closing because of the lessons learned in the war in Ukraine, the likely replacement of our indecisive POTUS in the 2024 election, and the world slowly waking up to the CCP’s threat to the Post WWII order.

When war or a blockage starts around Taiwan, America should expect attacks on our major capital ships, Pacific bases and our west coast ports. I’d fully expect hundreds, if not more, of two to four man Chi-Com Special operations teams to simultaneously start Mumbai style attacks and sabotage across the US and Canada. It’s stupid to think that a high percentage of the number of Chinese military age males walking across the US-Mexico border are not Chi-Com saboteurs — one intelligence analyst reports that as many as 10,000 of them are CCP Army soldiers.

Not unlike the first counter-attack on 9-11 being conducted by a small group of brave Americans on United Flight 93. The difference between a successful CCP attack might very well be armed American’s stopping those ChiCom Special Forces dead in their tracks on American soil.

Be Ready At All Times, because we live in interesting times. 

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC