Warrior Wednesday with Eli Pagunsan

Warrior Wednesday with Eli Pagunsan

This week on IFC’s Warrior Wednesday we have Eli Pagunsan.  Eli Pagunsan was “red flagged” as a potential school shooter as a 14-year-old in Riverside County, California. Now in his 20s, Pagunsan spoke to IFC Chair John McLaughlin about how depression, violent video games, and past traumatic abuse put him on the school’s radar and why now he is a supporter of second amendment groups. Learn more here: https://www.saf.org/special-report-red-flagged-at-age-14/


The 65% Have Spoken! Can You Hear It?

The 65% Have Spoken! Can You Hear It?

The 65% have spoken and EVERYBODY heard it.  Do you know how I know this?  Each year the liberty-hating, freedom-stomping, victim-creating among the legislature files a litany of horrible bills stripping Iowans of their rights.  We even have a short list of the worst IFC has stopped alongside our gains on IFC’s Legislative Victories page.  I can only guess, but this annual action must give those poor souls high self-esteem.  Either that, or it greases the wheels with the multiple billionaire Bloomberg shadow org money men, which is more likely the case.  So far, as of February 1st, the usual suspects haven’t offered anything up we can find on the Legislative Site.  You read that correctly.  The usual suspects haven’t ponied up a tyrannical bill yet.  YET…

Maybe the leopard changed its spots?  Or, maybe the nanny Bloomberg money didn’t flow like the proverbial spring mountain thaw this year.  I doubt both of those unlikely scenarios.  Instead, what we’re seeing is exactly what IFC has been telling you all along.  2A rights are for everyone and are universal winners.

There is one thing you can count on.  When 65% of Iowa voters agree on something, you better pay attention!

I’m not sure you all grasp this yet.  But you should.  Iowa doesn’t get 65% of ANYTHING, ever.  The only way to get 65% is for red, blue, and purple voters to chip in.  That’s right.  Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents all have to agree in great quantities on a singular component.  And the Freedom Amendment was that point of inclusion for ALL IOWANS.

That’s a pretty big deal and you should be paying attention.  You’ve got the folks that enjoy taking your rights away on the run.  Stick with it, my friends!

In Libertatem,

Michael Ware
IFC Board

IFC President’s Update 31Jan

IFC President’s Update 31Jan


First up is this week’s legislative update. We are following several bills of interest and as you know reigning in “ESG” is one of our top priorities. The United States is still a free country, and unlike Communist China, we don’t have social scores controlling our thoughts, actions, and travels – yet. Not only do we have a bill introduced in the Iowa House and Senate, but Governor Reynolds also introduced her own anti-ESG bill last Thursday. The only substantial difference is that the House version goes further by mandating that state-chartered financial institutions do not discriminate against the protected industries. Both bills require that the state not invest in or contract with companies that boycott the firearm, fossil fuel, or agricultural industries.

For up-to-date information on the bills you can find them here at the IFC PAC Bill Tracker.

We are working with our allies at the State Capital, and expect another Omnibus firearms bill introduced soon.

Just a few weeks away, I hope to meet everyone at National 2A Day on February 22, 2023, at the Iowa Capital. You can find more information here including times, parking information, and schedule of events.

We also have a chance for you to meet our 2A Day keynote speaker, Kris “Tanto” Paronto at the Second Annual 2A Day IFC PAC Steak Dinner that evening in Clive at the Front Row bar. Seats are limited and you can get yours at the IFC PAC Events page.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
Iowa Firearms Coalition

ATF’s Latest Overreach – Pistol Braces

ATF’s Latest Overreach – Pistol Braces

ATF’s most recent overreach deals specifically with pistol braces.  We have a federal regulatory agency changing and adding congressionally enacted statutory definitions.  IE, they’re changing whatever they want.  For 10 years ATF has sent letters authorizing these common accessories and with a change in position, POOF, they’re simply changing their minds.  If you can divorce yourself from the subject matter, ask yourself how can a thing be legal and even ‘blessed’ if you will from an authority figure, and after a decade the authority simply change their mind?  No sane judge would go along with that idea, and the plaintiff would have a case.

ATF’s oppression is now outpacing our outrage.

ATF has been weaponized against Americans.  Period.  Law-abiding citizens can no longer keep up with the speed at which ATF is overstepping its authority.  And I firmly believe they’re banking on us simply giving up.  I’ve worked with some really great folks on a local level with ATF, but we can’t count on them to defy their masters.  Do you believe they’ll sacrifice their jobs for your rights?  Some just might risk it, but you better not count on that as being your plan.  So, we’ve got considerations to make when it comes to the pistol brace shenanigans.

What violent crime does this pistol brace ban counter?  None.  Side note – don’t kid yourself, this is a ban despite what the point system may indicate.  They’re even including cosmetic changes to the pistol as points against your ownership.  What possible relevance does that have with the brace itself?  What authority does ATF have to “forebear” a $200 tax clearly written in US Code?  And why is ATF essentially, piece by piece, residing at the crossroads of whether you’re a felon or not simply be their determination they simply erected out of thin air?

You really need to take a few minutes and head over to NRA-ILA and read their article, “ATF Posts “Final” Rule on Stabilizing Braces” if you haven’t already.  You’ll get some vital context and you’ll also see what options may exist.  From the article:

These options vary depending on whether a person is a Federal Firearms Licensee, an unlicensed person, or a government entity, but the options generally include removing the short barrel and exchanging it for one that is longer than 16 inches, filing a Form 1 to “make” the firearm as a short-barrel rifle, removing the brace, surrendering the firearm, or destroying the firearm.


Whichever option is selected, it must be exercised before the date that is 120 days after the rule is posted in the federal register.

And here is a really important component to keep in mind:

For those who choose to remove the brace from their firearm, ATF also claims that the brace must be altered or destroyed so that it simply cannot be reinstalled. This is a strange claim since ATF has no authority to regulate braces separate from a firearm (just like they cannot regulate a stock, pistol grip, or other accessory).

Sound pretty bad to you?  It should because it is.  And it should be noted ATF’s rise in power and oppression were offered to you by the votes of Senators and House Representatives in both the VAWA component rolled into the Ukraine Bill and specifically the “Safer” Act…  Here are the votes from the Safer Act in case you’ve forgotten from an earlier blog:

“Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” votes from Iowa Elected Officials:


  • Senator Ernst (R-IA)
  • Representative Cindy Axne (D-IA)


  • Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
  • Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA)
  • Representative Mariannetter Miller-Meeks (R-IA)
  • Representative Randy Feenstra (R-IA)

Remember who voted for what and thank them for their actions.  There is a list above of folks who said NO to adding copious amounts of power and money to ATF.  Senator Grassley, Representative Hinson, Representative Miller-Meeks, and Representative Feenstra all voted to keep government bureaucracy in check.  And there is another, very short, list of those who gave more money and power to federal agencies known for abusing both, one of which was not reelected in November of 2022.  This requires you to remind Senator Ernst of her horrible choice as well.

In Libertatem,

Michael Ware
IFC Board

ESG – Environmental Social Governance

ESG – Environmental Social Governance

Unless you’re living under a rock, you have heard of “ESG’s”. That stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance” criteria.

In plain English, that means big banks or others get to discriminate against you based on ESG criteria that they set because they are trying to be “woke”. The firearm industry was one of the original targets of these “woke” policies and the issue has gotten worse every year. Five states have already pushed back on this by keeping taxpayer dollars away from big corporations with extreme ESG policies, and several others are working on it. Or as one of America’s most effective Governors, Ron DeSantis of Florida says: “Florida is where woke goes to die”.

Iowa House File 2 intends to do just that here in Iowa, it’s not an overly complex issue, but it’s one Chris Lee of the IFC affiliated National Shooting Sports Foundation explains in this fact sheet:


Iowa firearms businesses have already had their banking services terminated by Iowa Banks because of ESG, it’s time to put a stop to it with HF2.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition, an affiliate of the NRA and NSSF, is a 501(c4) nonprofit and is Iowa’s most effective pro-Second Amendment rights organization.