Arming School Staff – Questions From John Q Public

Arming School Staff – Questions From John Q Public

Arming school staff in Iowa passes the legislature and is signed by Governor Kim Reynolds.  The public has questions and IFC is here to help answer them.

Question 1:  [Regarding HF2586] I see Council Bluffs schools is saying they have no intention of arming their staff. My question is, is it up to the school board to give permission to the schools or teachers or are teachers and staff welcome to go ahead and start the process of getting their professional permits and carrying in school since the law took effect immediately?

Answer:  [Sir,] it has always been the law that “A person who has been specifically authorized by the school to go armed with, carry, or transport a firearm on the school grounds for any lawful purpose” [724.4B(2)(a)] is exempt from the general prohibition on carrying or possessing a firearm at a school. The question is, WHO can make that authorization “by the school”? Presumably, the school’s principal or acting principal could authorize anyone with a (nonprofessional) permit to carry weapons to carry at a school. However, in a public school system, it seems unlikely that a principal – or even a superintendent – would do so without specific authorization from the school board. In any case, a school board could certainly rescind any such authorization if it wished.

As to the new law, it provides for a professional permit to carry to be issued to school employees. While the statute does not require authorization from a school in order to apply for such a permit, in practice it is very unlikely that any school employees will seek out the extensive training that will be required to attain and maintain certification for that permit. This is because the purpose of the specialized training for this professional permit is to allow schools and their AUTHORIZED armed employees to be granted qualified immunity from liability for the reasonable use of force used in the course of employment by the school. (Any law enforcement officer using force in response to a “situation” at a school has such qualified immunity. “Qualified” here means that there is a presumption of immunity from liability, but that presumption may be rebutted by evidence.)

While the law is currently in effect, the statute requires that the Iowa Department of Public Safety will design a curriculum for initial and recurrent training and certify trainers for this special permit. Thus the availability of the training and permits is months away – at least.

Question 2:  Lewis Central schools is saying they tried to arm a security guard and their insurance said they would be dropped if they allowed him to carry. Is there an answer for this? Would this law also pertain to teachers in daycares?

Answer:  The company that has a virtual monopoly on public school insurance in Iowa has refused to cover schools that arm existing staff, including teachers. However, it is my understanding that the Des Moines Public Schools now employ their own “Security Officers”, after ending the previous arrangement with DM Police Dept. for SROs. It is my understanding that these security officers are armed, but that may not be correct. I don’t know.

As I said in the comment above, the whole point of the professional permit and specialized training for armed school employees is to be able to grant qualified immunity to schools and their armed staff. It is hoped that doing so will bring new insurers into the market for coverage in Iowa, if not convince EMC to change its policy in this regard.

As to teachers and other staff at daycare facilities, they are not prohibited by Iowa law from being armed, including with firearms – UNLESS they are on school property. The prohibition in Iowa law applies to the property of public AND private schools, grades pre-K to 12.

Thanks to IFC Board Member, Richard Rogers, for the responses!

-In Libertatem

Is the New Finland Firearm Policy a World Gold Standard?

Is the New Finland Firearm Policy a World Gold Standard?

Is the New Finland Firearm Policy a New World Gold Standard?  If it isn’t, it is a close second to the very best!  I was sent this article by a friend earlier today outlining Finland’s bold and savvy approach to the country’s firearm policy.  From the article:

Finland is taking a bold step forward in national defense and public safety with its groundbreaking initiative to open 300 new shooting ranges across the country. This extensive project not only aims to enhance military readiness and civilian preparedness but also integrates responsible gun ownership into the fabric of Finnish society. As geopolitical tensions rise, Finland’s proactive strategy sets a global standard for empowering citizens while fortifying national security.

WOW!  That’s like a dream come true.  In reality, it simply makes sense.  But, when you’re used to silly and ignorant people making far-left policies, acronym agencies dreaming up all-new restrictions and calling them “regulations,” along with a Biden White House and Dept of Justice gone mad, you tend to lose your perspective on what constitutes common sense.

Finland is pushing a government initiative to build 300 new shooting ranges, which is tantamount to some serious civic investment.  This will create jobs, keep people working, and provide safe environments to realize their liberties.  Not only does this encourage and make simple things like responsible gun ownership and safe practices, it also provides a sense of patriotism and preparedness to a country with a LOOOONG border with Russia.  This eventually leads to a strong nation less likely to be attacked, unlike the Ukraine where firearm ownership was mostly barred.  The Fins will be out sport shooting, hunting, and practicing, all while boosting their proficiency.  Any bets on crime?  That’s right…  Provided they keep the stats and report them without fudging the way the US departments like to, you’ll see crime fall.  From the same article:

Finland’s strategic expansion of shooting ranges represents a robust approach to enhancing national security and fostering a culture of responsible gun ownership. By creating more opportunities for training and education, Finland not only strengthens its defensive capabilities but also boosts local economies and supports recreational activities. This comprehensive initiative serves as a model for countries worldwide, demonstrating the importance of preparedness and resilience in an unpredictable global landscape.

I couldn’t have said it better.  Take a long hard look at what firearms ownership SHOULD look like when encouraged for all the right reasons by a government that wishes to empower and TRUST the public they seek to serve, rather than take rights from them in a clumsy attempt for control.


In Libertatem,

Michael Ware – IFC Board

Bank of America “De-Banking” Conservatives?

Bank of America “De-Banking” Conservatives?

If the Bank of America is de-banking conservatives and working to have us labeled as domestic terrorists why should we care?  What happens when we get de-banked?  Who is going to help us?  According to this ARTICLE at

Over a dozen Republican attorneys general are warning a major U.S. bank against alleged practices of “de-banking” certain customers because of their religious or political views.

In a letter obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, along with 14 of his Republican colleagues told Bank of America CEO Brian T. Moynihan that the company “appears to be conditioning access to its services on customers having the bank’s preferred religious or political views.”

I’m glad our next-door neighbor has an Attorney General willing to defend its citizens.  Guess who else has an Attorney General willing to defend its state?  IOWA!  Attorney General Brenna Bird is leading the charge to protect Iowans from discriminatory practices and collusion to label Iowans as domestic terrorists with the Biden White House.

Too bad there aren’t a few ways to get ahead of this intrusion specifically in Iowa.  THERE ARE.  Support AG Bird in her reelection bid, and THANK your legislature for pushing through an MCC bill (AKA the 2nd Amendment Privacy Act) yesterday (check those specifics out over on where we track legislation and legislator’s actions HF2464).  With HF2464 the state of Iowa disallows “merchant codes” that essentially rathole purchases of firearms, ammo, etc. into a certain category for future action.

This isn’t anything new.  The Obama administration ran Operation Chokepoint.  The Feds leaned on banks that did business with firearm retailers, manufacturers, resalers, etc. by placing them in “high risk” status.  This “high risk” status made it hard for them to bank, insure their businesses, and operate.  This is the literal enactment of a weaponized government against completely legal, ethical, and moral businesses.  Biden learned well from his old boss.

Find the letter AG Bird signed that pushes back against de-banking customers and working with the FBI and others in weaponizing against Americans below!


Gun Control Buried in the $1.2T Spending Bill vs IA Gadsden Plate

Gun Control Buried in the $1.2T Spending Bill vs IA Gadsden Plate

Gun Control Buried in the $1.2T Spending Bill vs IA Gadsden Plate?  What does that headline mean?  Well, let’s break this down into two contrasting components to illustrate a succinct point.

First, you have the Fox News Report pointing to $12,500,000.00 for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) study called the “Prevent Firearm Injury and Mortality research.  Of course NIH is “committed to supporting scientific research to develop, evaluate, and implement effective public health interventions to better understand and prevent violence, including firearm violence, and the resulting trauma, injuries, and mortality.”  Short version?  Taxpayers are being robbed to equip the NIH (AKA big government entities) to “research” gun confiscation and the curtailment of your civil rights and liberties.

Second, you have a bill (HF2639) where people can VOLUNTARILY choose to buy a Gadsden Flag license plate where the funding is made available for grants to further 2A education.

Compare the two.  Just ONE of many monster entities with well-paid staff is rolling in money to seek and erect all new facets of gun control – not because we gave the money willingly, but because Uncle Sam took it.  Gun control is then further accomplished through policy and practices pushed through the medical community, education community, government programs, etc.  Juxtaposed to this, you have volunteer organizations, like IFC, using VOLUNTARY funds to push back on this behemoth with 2A education, grants, scholarships, etc.

If the last 20 years of 2A change in Iowa mean something to you, consider that deeply when it comes to the issue of the Gadsden plate.  To quote my friend, Dillon, “The Freedom Amendment set the tone for Iowans 2A liberties. Iowans now are DEMANDING a license plate to reflect that.”

In Libertatem,

Michael Ware
IFC Board

The Miracle of Easter, Not “Happy” Easter

The Miracle of Easter, Not “Happy” Easter

As I wrote on Good Friday, I’m given, or more accurately, TAKE some liberties with blogging on rare occasions here at IFC.  If you author a few hundred blogs, the single-issue advocates within IFC will give you an occasional pass when you depart, for good reason, from the core mission.  Similar to what I wrote on Friday, nothing is more central to our cause than a right understanding of the nature of good and evil.  Those foundational concepts come from only one place.  In case you haven’t considered it, they don’t come from the natural world.  Good and evil are not represented in nature.

In keeping with Easter, let’s drop the “happy” part of our address to others.  The word “happy” really doesn’t quite do it, does it?  What happy thoughts do we have about having enthusiastically murdered the Messiah?  None.  Can we have happy thoughts about Him having risen from the dead?  Yup.  But I hope our emotion and energy surpass the word “happy” when we reflect.  😉

To think thoroughly and with devotion could nearly be indescribable.  But Charles Spurgeon offers a glimpse into my contemplation with this:

This, then, is the doctrine of the resurrection. We do not believe–at least I do not–that law has been rudely violated in one extraordinary and unparalleled episode. We believe that a universal law of life, overmastering death, and always superior to it, has had once a visible witness.

-Charles Spurgeon

Let that sink in, and then find a suitable replacement for the “happy” part of Easter my friends…  <3

In Libertatem,

Michael Ware – IFC Board Member