National Anti-Gun Groups Piling On SF425

Iowa Police or  Mom Demand Action. Who would you think knows more about fighting crime?

When you are in danger who would you rather call? The police -OR- a mom that demands action?

Who’s Who of Anti-Gunners

There’s a lot of games being played behind closed doors in the capitol right now. We’re in full on legislative mode and it’s obvious we’ve rattled several cages. The anti-gun groups have flocked to Iowa from around the country and are scrambling to derail SF425 by any means necessary.

We’re doing everything we can, but right now we need you to weigh in. Use our latest Advocacy Campaign to send a “It’s time for a vote on SF425” message to your Senator, then give ’em a call at the Senate switchboard (515-281-3371) and leave them a message.

In the last 48 hours we’ve seen out-of-state gun control groups parachute into Iowa politics at a remarkable rate. It’s venerable “Who’s Who” of national anti-gun groups.

Moms Demand Action
Everytown for Gun Safety
Americans for Responsible Solutions
Center for American Progress
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
And more

They’re all clambering to stop this bill. They’re falsely claiming this bill would “arm felons and domestic abusers” by making Iowa’s Permit to Acquire optional.

What they’re not telling you is that under federal law it’s illegal to sell any firearm to a prohibited person (the list includes felons and domestic abusers, among others). If SF425 is signed into law, it would still be illegal to sell any firearm to a prohibited person.

In fact, the anti-gunners have failed to mention the fact that this bill actually increases the penalties for anyone making an illegal firearms sale. Of course this doesn’t fit their scare tactic, so it’s no real surprise they’ve left this critical detail out.

SF425 – Endorsed by Iowa Law Enforcement

We’ve pointed this out before, but it bears repeating. This bill has been carefully crafted and was created alongside Iowa’s law enforcement community. It addresses several issues with Iowa legal code they’d like to see fixed. Things like making permit to carry licenses uniform state-wide, and creating a means to electronically verify the validity of a person’s permit to carry.

Everything that’s included in this bill has been endorsed by Iowa’s law enforcement community. And yet the gun control crowd continues to purposely ignore the experts on crime in Iowa.

Not only have Iowa’s police endorsed this bill, they’ve also worked side by side with the firearms community to lobby for this bill’s passage.

Ask yourself, if this bill was really so bad, why would the police want to see it passed?

The answer is simple. They know more about fighting crime than anyone else, and when they examined this bill they see that it does not put Iowans in danger.

The Iowa Police Chiefs Association, the Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies Association, and the Iowa Peace Officers Association all agree this is a good bill.

SF425 – Endorsed by police – Backed by Iowans.

It’s time for a vote on SF425!! Use our latest Advocacy Campaign to send a strong message to your Senator.

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  1. Gene says:

    How do we get Sen. Gronstal to agree to get this highly bipartisan backed piece of legislation to even get a chance to be voted on?
    One individual is stopping the process, the will of the people…this is not how Iowans want OUR gov’t to work.

  2. Roger Burdette says:

    Click on the GET INVOLVED link at the top of this page and go to

    We can make a difference!!

  3. Gene says:

    I’ve been in contact repeatedly with my (and a lot of the other Representatives & Senators) over the recent months/weeks and most have had positive replies/input but until we can get pressure on the one-man-band in charge we aren’t going to get anywhere.

  4. Evan Borcherding says:

    As Gene stated, we need to be in contact with our local Senator as well as Mr. Gronstal to remind them of their constituents point of view on this matter.

    It is extremely frustrating when a bill receives bipartisan support in the House and Senatr, as well as support from the Iowa law enforcement community, only to hit a bottleneck and be held up in spite of such support.

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