Well folks, you did it…You sure tied a knot in the tail of those Moms Demand Action people! 

Pro-gun Senate candidate Joni Ernst’s appearance at the Iowa State Fair went off without a hitch today, thanks to your help.  By our count, only five or six “moms” showed up, and they were drowned out by a sea of supporters of gun rights and of Joni Ernst.  The MDA people never even had a chance to be disruptive!  In fact, you’ll all be amused to know that when politely approached by one gun rights supporter to discuss why they were there, ALL of them refused to comment and ran away.  Go figure…Apparently sunshine really is the best disinfectant!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Good things happen because you folks can always be relied upon to come together and make a stand for what’s right.  So thank you!

And in case you missed it, our very own Jeff Burkett, president of IFC, had a chat live on the air with Jan Mickelson on WHO’s “Mickelson in the Morning” radio program.  Be sure to check the podcast out here!  To top that off, David Codrea, columnist for the fantastic “Guns” Magazine, wrote about IFC and MDA today in his Examiner column!

So the word is out, folks: IFC is an organization to contend with when it comes to real common sense Second Amendment issues!  No doubt that message was heard loud and clear today, all the way to San Diego and New York City!

Fighting for your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,
Barry B. Snell
IFC Communications Director
NRA Member