Legalize Suppressors in Iowa


Here’s the breakdown of yesterday’s House vote on HF527, the Omnibus Gun Bill. The bill passed with ease, 75 votes to 24. The vote was noteworthy for two reasons:

1) It passed with broad bi-partisan support. Republicans and Democrats came together to pass this bill.

2) Despite 24 votes against HF527, not a single Representative chose to speak out against the bill when given the opportunity. It’s rare for any bill to pass without any voiced opposition. It’s practically unheard of for a pro-gun owner bill to pass without a single voice speaking out against it.

We’ve now reached a critical point. The Senate version of the Omnibus Gun Bill (SF425) is still awaiting debate and a vote. At this point neither has not been scheduled. We know there are many groups who want to see this bill watered down, or amended to make it un-passable. Please contact your Senator. Tell them to pass SF425 without any change to its content.

We’ve made it easy for you. Our newest Omnibus Gun Bill Advocacy Campaign allows to you send a respectful and professional email directly to your Senator in less than 60 seconds. Please help spread this vital message.


Voted For the Omnibus Gun Bill (75)

These 75 Representatives have recognized the value of your constitutional rights. They believe you should be free to teach your children how to properly handle firearms. To own suppressors. To keep your personal information private.

Please take a second to send them a note or call them (515-281-3221) to say thanks for standing up for your rights and the rights of all Iowans.


Rob Bacon

Chip Baltimore


Terry Baxter

Bruce Bearinger

Deborah Berry

Brian Best

Darrel Branhagen

Timi Brown-Powers

John Byrnes

Gary Carlson

Peter Cownie

Dave Dawson

Dave Deyoe

Cecil Dolecheck

Jack Drake


Dean Fisher

John Forbes

Greg Forristall

Joel Fry

Tedd Gassman

Pat Grassley

Stan Gustafson

Chris Hagenow

Chris Hall

Curt Hanson

Mary Ann Hanusa

Greg Heartsill

David Heaton

Lee Hein

Jake Highfill

Steven Holt

Daniel Huseman

Megan Jones

Ron Jorgensen

Bobby Kaufmann

Jarad Klein

Kevin Koester

John Kooiker

John Landon

Jim Lykam

Dave Maxwell

Charlie McConkey

Brian Meyer

Helen Miller

Linda Miller

Norlin Mommsen

Brian Moore

Zach Nunn

Rick Olson

Scott Ourth

Ross Paustian

Dawn Pettengill

Todd Prichard

Ken Rizer

Walt Rogers

Patti Ruff

Sandy Salmon

Thomas Sands

Mike Sexton

Larry Sheets

David Sieck

Chuck Soderberg

Quentin Stanerson

Rob Taylor

Phyllis Thede

Linda Upmeyer

Guy Vander Linden

Ralph Watts

John Wills

Matt Windschitl

Mary Wolfe

Gary Worthan

Kraig Paulsen



Voted AGAINST the Omnibus Gun Bill (24)


Marti Anderson

Liz Bennett

Dennis Cohoon

Abby Finkenauer

Ruth Ann Gaines

Mary Gaskill

Lisa Heddens

Bruce Hunter

Charles Isenhart

Dave Jacoby

Jerry Kearns

Daniel Kelley

Vicki Lensing

Mary Mascher

Jo Oldson

Kristen Running-Marquardt

Mark Smith

Art Staed

Sharon Steckman

Sally Stutsman

Todd Taylor

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell

Cindy Winckler


Not voting: Bob Kressig



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