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Thomas Jefferson

Gut check on Senate File 425

As some of you know by now Senate leaders in Iowa have expressed some doubts about whether they’ll be bringing SF425 to a vote in the Senate. Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with a half-dozen or so moms walking around the capitol demanding gun control. What this is is a product of numerous out-of-state lobbyists and gun control groups parachuting into Iowa politics and trying to redirect the Senate’s attention.

Iowans have two options:

A few members of the Iowa Senate are getting squirrely on us and suddenly having doubts. This presents us with two options:

1) Accept the games that are being played and walk away with our tails between our legs
2) Tighten our belts, get serious about this and continue to push this through until the very end.

Do not lose heart, we’re in a tough fight. We’re up against some real national level power players. But do not forget, nothing has done to officially stop this bill.

I can assure you that myself and the rest the IFC leadership are not about concede this fight. We also know that we’re not alone. The anti’s may have Bloomberg and his billions but we’ve got some friends to call on as well. Through all this we’ve had the NRA by our side, and we’ve had the support of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the American Suppressor Association and most importantly the grassroots support of hundreds of thousands of Iowans like you.

It’s also important not to lose sight of the fact that Iowa’s law enforcement want this bill passed as well. The anti’s want nothing more than to distract you from that. But we need to make this point very clear. The Iowa Police Chiefs Association, the Iowa Peace Officers Association, and the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association are all lobbying for this bill to pass right along side us.

The anti’s want you to think SF425 would make you less safe. But ask yourself, “If this bill made Iowans less safe, why would Iowa law enforcement be pushing for it to be signed into law?”

Time for action

I’ve just activated a new Advocacy Campaign – please use this to drop a note to your Senator. If you can, please follow it up with a personal email and a phone call to your Senator, a personal note really can make a big difference. You can find their contact information at our Legislative Action Center. To make the process easier we’ve drafted a few important points to include. The Senate switchboard phone number is:515-281-3371, though they only accept messages while the Senate is in session.

Most importantly, we need to hold our Senators accountable at their weekly legislative forums and round tables. This cannot be stressed enough. If you can make it out to a forum this weekend and ask about SF425 please do so. It’s one of the best ways to help advance this bill.

Here’s a link to where you can find the Senate Democrats schedule, and here’s the calendar for Senate Republicans.


SF425 has already passed five votes in the Iowa legislature. Everytime by a landslide. All that’s left is a vote in the Senate, then it’s off to the governor’s desk. The anti’s are pulling out all the stops. They’re flying in professional lobbyists from out-of-state, and running a misdirection campaign. Unfortunately, their whispers are causing some Iowa Senators to waffle, forget the facts, and forget who they represent. It’s imperative we continue to make our voices heard.

Make no mistake, we’re in a tough fight. We knew this wouldn’t be easy. Ultimately this will come down to two factors: 1) who can push harder, and 2) who do Iowa Senators trust more? Hundreds of thousands of their lawful constituents and the Iowa law enforcement community -OR- the voice of lobbyists flown into Iowa from New York City and beyond by a nanny-state billionaire.

We’re heavily focused on passing SF425, but know this: we haven’t forgotten the big picture. 2016 will be a monumental election year. The balance of power in the Iowa Senate hangs by a thread. Plans are already being made, campaign maps are being carefully studied, and our side has plenty to gain.

This isn’t over by a long shot.

Working to protect and enhance your Second Amendment rights,
Kurt Liske
Vice President
Iowa Firearms Coalition

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