House Judiciary Committee Passes New Pro-Gun Bill 19-2!
Amendment Restoring Omnibus Gun Bill Language Added to SF427.

As we expected we’ve seen a lot of activity in the legislature today. Here’s the latest.The House of Representatives has made SF427 (the bill the Senate passed yesterday that only legalizes suppressors) a priority. Today, with less than 24 hours notice the House Judiciary Committee took up SF427, added an amendment restoring the original Omnibus Gun Bill language, and promptly passed the bill 19 to 2 – yet another showing of this bill’s massive bi-partisan support.The amendment includes everything from the original Omnibus Gun Bill, with two exceptions.

1) Permit to Acquire – a Permit to Acquire would still be required for handgun purchases, and makes all Permits to Acquire valid for 5 years rather than current 1 year period. Previously this provision made the Permit to Acquire optional, and extended its validity from 1 to 5 years.
2) Gun owner privacy – previously the Omnibus Gun Bill was written so that no one could request your private information if you held a Permit to Carry. Under this amendment only individuals (not businesses or media outlets) would be allowed to ask the sheriff if a particular person holds a valid Permit to Carry (no other information will be made available). The individual making the request must also give a valid reason for why they want to know. The individual making the request must also provide the person in question’s name, and one of the following: date of birth, or phone number, or address. Once they do all this the individual making the request must also leave theirname and contact info for the sheriff’s office to keep on file. After all of this has been done the sheriff’s office is then only allowed a one word answer –Yes or No, the person in question has a valid Permit to Carry. If the permit holder in question starts being harassed in any way, they then have a right to go to the sheriff’s office and ask if anyone has been asking about their Permit to Carry. If they do that they will then be given the name and information of anyone that’s been asking about them and their permit.
Everything else from the original Omnibus Gun Bill remains the same. Repealing the ban on youth handgun shooting. Permit to Carry training updates. Everything.BecauseSF427 and its amendment have now passed the House Judiciary Committee, the bill is now safe from the impending second funnel date.Point of clarification: last night we told you the bill would have to pass a whole House vote by Friday. That is not the case. We re-examined the rules of the legislature, and as long as SF427 passes out of committee by the second funnel it’s safe. We apologize for any confusion. The good news is this bill has met that requirement and is good to move forward unencumbered by any funnel dates.

SF427 is now eligible for debate and a vote in the full House as early as Monday. It will remain eligible for debate and a vote until the end of the legislative session. There is hope that the bill may be voted on some time next week, but that’s not a guaranteed timeline. Whenever SF427 comes a vote in the House we expect it pass.

As long as that happens the bill then goes back to the Senate. They will need to debate and vote on the amendment that was added today. It’s important to note that it is up to the Senate leadership to schedule this bill for a debate and vote. If they’re truly serious about wanting to pass a gun bill this session (as they say they are) they will take up this bill and promptly bring it to the floor. There are no promises this will happen. We need you to keep the pressure up. Keep the phone calls coming. Keep emailing your Senators. Keep your messages respectful and on point. Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep spreading the word about the Omnibus Gun Bill.

This bill and the amendment added to it today are a good faith effort to address the concerns some have raised about the Omnibus Gun Bill. While not perfect we think this proves we’re serious about doing our part to get the Omnibus Gun Bill the vote it deserves in the Senate. As we’ve been saying all along, “It’s time for a vote!” The Senate says they want to pass a gun bill. We’ve now done our part (again) to give them the opportunity. Now it’s their turn to live up to their word.

Keep pushing friends. There’s still work to be done.

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