Iowa City Senator Joe Bolkcom has proposed SF13– a bill that would criminalize carry of a weapon, concealed or open, in a place with a conspicuously placed sign prohibiting weapons. This would create more hurdles for a person carrying a firearm and also create more gun free zones. We’ve seen the higher propensity for terrible shootings to happen in a gun free zone across the country.

This bill is clearly an attack at gun owners, a group that Senator Bolkcom has been consistently  vocally opposed to in his time in the Iowa Legisalture. This bill appears to have been copy and pasted from SF-2025 from the previous session. The bill is identical and we expect the outcome to be identical as well.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only organization registered against the bill. We will press hard to make sure terrible ideas like this never see the Senate floor. Iowa Firearms Coalition goal for 2019 is to reduce the barriers imposed on gun owners in Iowa, not add new ones. This is simply bad legislation.

Constituents can contact Senator Bolkcom here.