Craig Schwartz recently submitted an opinion piece to the Des Moines Register.  Surprisingly, it was offered online.  Craig is running for the NRA board of directors as this is posting.  Give him a look.  Enjoy his think piece, as it provokes vital thought.  Craig might be onto something:

The “promises” being made by the Democratic presidential hopefuls visiting Iowa are ridiculous.

Elizabeth Warren wants Medicaid for all. Andrew Yang is offering $1,000 per month to every American (please define “American”). Amy Klobuchar believes she would represent “all” of America from her far-left positioning. Tom Steyer will end climate change all by himself on day one of his administration, on and on. None of these claims have any believable substance nor explanation of who will pay the inevitable bill.

The most ridiculous one, however, comes from Bernie Sanders, offering to “fully fund” Planned Parenthood, a non-government business.

If he’s willing to do this, pay for the existence of an organization dedicated to protecting a “right” that was only discovered in 1973 by an activist Supreme Court, how about fully funding the National Rifle Association? It, too, is a non-governmental organization that, besides being the world’s leader in firearm safety and training, is dedicated to preserving an American founders’ recognition of a God-given right that existed long before this country was formed.

In the end, it might prove to be a good thing: Forcing those opposed to privately owned firearms and self-protection to pay for something to which they are opposed for a change would be the kind of “payback” so many Democrats seem to actively desire.