We are a country birthed from rebellious acts such as the Boston Tea Party, so color me shocked when I heard the news of the IRS wanting to hire 87,000 new agents. There are roughly 80,000 IRS employees currently, so this would double the agencies tax collectors. The claim is that the agency will be targeting those large corporations and wealthy people who are great at avoiding taxes. We all know that shouldn’t require doubling their agency and that it will most definitely be targeting those of us who work, go home, and want to be left alone. President Reagans popular quote about the 9 most dangerous words comes to mind.

The funding is coming from the Inflation Reduction Acts $80 billion dollars, $46 billion of that is going to the IRS new super soldier program. The worst part of this in my opinion is the job posting the IRS listed then hurriedly removed, see below. Three of the five bullet points on the job posting reference that this job is very dangerous. Why would collecting taxes be dangerous? It’s not like 75% of the average Americans income is taken through taxes…ha.

It’s an eerie feeling seeing the anti police crowd once again fund a federal police force. We just saw for the first time a federal agency raid a former president. Maybe the FBI thought hidden in Melania’s wardrobe was Hillary’s 30k emails, Jeffrey “didn’t kill himself” Epstein’s client list, or Hunter Bidens laptop, the world may never know. Regardless of your party affiliation, you should understand this is an unprecedented act. I can’t imagine the IRS will be any less tyrannical. Weaponizing federal policing agencies with a political motive is dangerous, for everyone. 

Imagine if you will, 87,000 new school resource officers, that seems like a good way to protect our most precious resource. It’s a shame the powers that be won’t ever come to a bipartisan solution that truly does protect our innocent and serve the American people.

If the Boston Tea Party were to happen today, what would it look like?

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“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29