THANK YOU for loving children and staff enough to protect them!  (CHEROKEE, Iowa) — The Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) welcomes steps taken by the Cherokee School Board to arm members of their on-campus staff in an effort to improve the school district’s security measures.

The school board approved the move, unanimously, during their meeting on Monday. Under the plan, staff members who wish to take part in the program must agree to undergo training and will need to contact the District’s Superintendent, Kim Lingenfelter.

Lingenfelter tells KTIV-TV discussions began to implement a new school safety plan after several staff members approached her office expressing interest in carrying self-defense tools at school.

“We were approached by staff that wanted to carry, that carry a gun competently wherever they go except for school. That’s how our conversation began, and they ask that we bring it to the board, then conversation began with law enforcement officials, chief of police, our school resource officer,” said Lingenfelter.

The move follows a similar unanimous decision made by the Spirit Lake School Board back in August and efforts by IFC to work with school districts and other local elected officials to improve safety in Iowa schools.

“Leaving our children defenseless from a would-be attacker is an immoral school safety strategy,” said IFC President Dave Funk. “We applaud the Cherokee School Board for putting the safety of their children ahead of political pressures from out of state groups who would rather leave our children vulnerable than allow teachers to exercise their constitutional rights.”

Iowa Code 724.4B, which allows school districts to regulate armed personnel on school grounds, paved the way for Cherokee’s decision.

On November 8th, Iowa voters will flip their ballots to vote “yes” on the Freedom Amendment, which would add Second Amendment protections to Iowa’s State Constitution, helping to protect local school boards’ authority to provide security measures for the children under their care.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition, an affiliate of the NRA and NSSF, is a 501(c4) nonprofit and is Iowa’s only effective pro-Second Amendment rights organization.