First up is this week’s legislative update. We are following several bills of interest and as you know reigning in “ESG” is one of our top priorities. The United States is still a free country, and unlike Communist China, we don’t have social scores controlling our thoughts, actions, and travels – yet. Not only do we have a bill introduced in the Iowa House and Senate, but Governor Reynolds also introduced her own anti-ESG bill last Thursday. The only substantial difference is that the House version goes further by mandating that state-chartered financial institutions do not discriminate against the protected industries. Both bills require that the state not invest in or contract with companies that boycott the firearm, fossil fuel, or agricultural industries.

For up-to-date information on the bills you can find them here at the IFC PAC Bill Tracker.

We are working with our allies at the State Capital, and expect another Omnibus firearms bill introduced soon.

Just a few weeks away, I hope to meet everyone at National 2A Day on February 22, 2023, at the Iowa Capital. You can find more information here including times, parking information, and schedule of events.

We also have a chance for you to meet our 2A Day keynote speaker, Kris “Tanto” Paronto at the Second Annual 2A Day IFC PAC Steak Dinner that evening in Clive at the Front Row bar. Seats are limited and you can get yours at the IFC PAC Events page.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
Iowa Firearms Coalition