Here is a 2A Day visual reflection for you, in case you missed it:

IFC was joined by many contributors and certainly our key sponsors, RMA Armament, Volquartsen, and CrossRoads, (All “trusted partners” of IFC) for a fantastic day of 2A advocacy and sharing.  Representative Eddie Andrews offered us an invocation prayer, a pair of youth advocates led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Representative Brook Boden tuned up the Capitol building rotunda with a soul-warming National Anthem!

What a day!  Representative Phil Thompson, Senator Brad Zaun, and Senator Jason Schultz all gave us hope and direction on IFC-sponsored and monitored bills.

NRA and NRA-ILA came out in force, as always, to work side by side with us, and again this year the NSSF was in the Capitol to stop government overreach and stem the advance of ESG madness.

We enjoyed families bringing their homeschooled kids in to experience the day, Iowans of all ages submitting cards to visit with their elected officials, and we even had a quick address from our new Attorney General, Brenna Bird.

IFC Chair, John McLaughlin, and President, Dave Funk were busy all day with interviews and glad handing.  Lobbyist and board member Richard Rogers was lifting heavy bills into position with legislators.  Vice President, Nathan Gibson, was emceeing the entire event and got the crowd rolling!  Gun Show Director, Billy Wilson, and our entire volunteer crew came out in force to make the day a huge success.  This takes hours of planning and a lot of work the day of…  The Iowa Firearms Coalition is fortunate to have key people organizing and executing these events, and while they’re not all mentioned by name, some near and some far, you know who you are!  😉

Our featured guest speaker this year was Kris “Tanto” Paronto, whom you may remember from the book “13 Hours” and the movie, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” – Tanto is an example we can all reflect upon.  Life gives you lemons and it is up to us to make lemonade.  Tanto’s life story is proof lemonade can not only be made but offer the sweetest flavor imaginable.

As Tanto spoke with our crowd in the Capitol Rotunda, people learned of his journey, and even more so when he shared much more deeply at our IFC-PAC fundraiser last evening.  Thank you to all the volunteers, members, partners, and colleagues that came together to make a great day.  And thank you to the legislators and governing body that consider rightly the freedom-loving nature of Iowans and work so hard to protect our liberties.


In Libertatem,

Michael Ware