Present, Trained, Willing

IFC is embarking on a new venture – one designed to keep Iowa’s school children safer.  IFC is offering a part of the SOLUTION when evil walks through the doors of our schools.  Gun-free zones, like schools, are attractive to active shooters because they will not encounter armed resistance to their assault, until the police arrive.  And our children’s bodies stack up.

IFC has developed the IFC Educators Academy: Present, Trained, Willing.  The Academy will be offered August 15-17 and is a comprehensive, intensive three-day training opportunity for eighteen Iowa school employees.  The Academy is being conducted at CrossRoads Shooting Sports, in Johnston, Iowa.  CrossRoads is one of IFC’s Trusted Partners.

IFC is offering eighteen $1,000 scholarships to cover the cost of the Academy for the selected participants.  Several scholarship applications have already been filed.  If you are employed by Iowa schools, have a Permit to Carry (or can obtain one prior to the Academy), and want to be prepared to protect the students in your school, you can file a scholarship application HERE.

Listen to Michael Ware of IFC talking with Simon Conway on an podcast about this opportunity.


The training will feature three renowned instructors:

  • Ed Monk / Lt. Col. (U.S. Army, retired) and Owner, Last Resort Firearms Training
  • Adam Winch / military veteran and police trainer, of Defenders-USA
  • John McLaughlin / Chair of the IFC Board & Certified Instructor

The 30 hours of training begins with an in-depth review of the history of active shooters in school situations, and the necessity of having Present, Trained and Willing defenders at the school, to protect the children. This premise is the foundation of the course and is derived from over twenty years of research on mass shooting incidents, by Lt. Col. Ed Monk.  He provides a compelling narrative and breaks down the statistics, drawing a mathematically derived conclusion that ONLY by having Present, Trained and Willing defenders on-site will casualties be reduced.  This portion of the training will be live streamed to Iowa educators wishing to watch remotely (watch for future information on how to access), and will also be recorded for future training sessions.

The remainder of the training focuses on building skills through dry fire, then live fire at a variety of distances and speeds, repetition, incorporating basic tactical movement, and focusing on accuracy and firing under pressure.  Participants will have a baseline assessment before the training.  Additional blocks of training include Trauma Medicine, Deep Concealment for Educators, and What to Do When the Shooting Stops.

Three indoor ranges at CrossRoads will be used for the training.  Six participants will work with one of the instructors and each range will have a Range Safety Officer to assist.  There will be a second skills assessment prior to the end of the Academy.


This is an opportunity to become part of the solution.  To seek individual training like this at your own expense would be very costly.  This is an immersive experience featuring modern learner-centric educational theory and data-driven analysis of real world threats.  Our response to active shooters at schools cannot be the simple offering of thoughts and prayers.  We must counter the active shooter threat.

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