Gun-control vs. gun-safety

Gun-control vs. gun-safety

A Distinction Without a Difference

The April 2023 edition of NRA’s “America’s 1st Freedom” magazine has a great article entitled “10 Things the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Concealed Carry“.   It’s well worth reading and I encourage you to do so.  The second of the ten points discussed in the article is the transition in the language used by the media and politicians over the past ten or so years.  For example, there has been a not-so-subtle shift in wording—now referring mostly to “gun-safety measures”, as opposed to “gun-control laws”.  This turn of phrase is not accidental and it has a significant impact when gun owners are trying to have a rational discussion with those who would like to see all guns banned.  It’s the same tactic used when they refer to “gun violence” instead of “violent crime”.  It takes the focus off the criminals and puts it on the guns.  Guns are therefore evil and since people don’t want evil amongst us, it stands to reason that we just need to get rid of guns.  Right?  NO.  Words, as someone reminded me recently, are important.  And the use of these words is a distinction WITHOUT a difference.

The words “gun-control” are threatening, but those who want a gun-free United States have gotten smarter.  They speak of  “gun-safety”, which sounds like a good societal goal.  We all want to feel safe.   “Gun-safety” sounds like a good thing.  But it is the same draconian Beto O’Rourke beating on the drum,  “Hell yes, we’re going to come for your AR-15s!” that has been going on for years.  It just sounds better.  It sounds more reasonable

A Deliberate Political Pivot

And therein lies the problem.  It is not just semantics.  It is a deliberate political pivot.  An industry-wide effort to make us seem as though we would prefer an unsafe world.  You must be an anarchist to not want “gun-safety”!

Make no mistake.   It is “gun-control” (aka “people-control”) plain and simple and that, in this country, is unconstitutional.  This has been borne out in several important court cases over the past fifteen years (Heller, McDonald, Bruen).  We have an unalienable, God-given right to keep and bear arms, for our own protection and the protection of others.  We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Those words matter.

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If you are not an NRA-ILA member (NRA-Institute for Legislative Action), it is time to join!  Protect your Second Amendment rights at the federal and state levels.  Read on to learn why.

The NRA can teach you a lot about gun culture, teach you about firearms and related gear and offers courses to train you in just about any firearms use.  It also brings us stories of good guys with guns as well as great stories of current interest to those who support the Second Amendment.  We are all familiar with NRA, but many people are less familiar with NRA-ILA, which I would argue is at least as impactful as the NRA.

Learn More: Upcoming Calls

NRA-ILA has two calls coming up over the next week which you can join.  Links to register for these calls appear below.  You may join either, or both, of the calls.  Calls generally last one hour and are chock-full of information and insights about court cases, legislative efforts, and their impact on your Second Amendment rights.  Information is power.


The NRA-ILA was formed in 1975 because it became apparent that our elected officials often don’t know much about firearms, or think they are an abomination. This means that the legislation crafted by those officials is often riddled with errors, based on false assumptions, or influenced by those who want to make all firearms go away.

What Does NRA-ILA Do?

Electing the right candidates is easier than to try to sway the opinions of those who are already elected.  For example, try to change the mind of an elected official who “hate guns”, is afraid of them or simply does not understand why anyone would need a firearm. The NRA-ILA exists to:

  • develop a cohesive platform and goals for Second Amendment legislation
  • educate and lobby elected officials on 2A issues
  • inform members about important 2A laws or legislative proposals
  • provide information about candidates’ positions and who is most likely to support the Second Amendment
  • track voting records of officials after they are elected
  • keep members informed about current 2A court challenges across the country, the probable outcome, and the implications
  • monitor and inform members of the actions and regulations issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF)
  • issue Action Alerts offering members an easy opportunity to weigh in on proposed federal or state legislation
  • establish partnerships with NRA State Associations, like Iowa Firearms Coalition to support the passage of legislation at the state level

“Over the past few years, NRA-ILA members and the NRA have decidedly changed politics in America. Across the country, from the presidential race to Congress to state legislative races, there has been a noted increase in ads proudly proclaiming candidates’ pro-gun credentials.” [NRA-ILA website]

To be an effective advocate to protect your Second Amendment rights, and to be informed and aware of laws and court cases that will affect you, join the NRA-ILA.  Iowa has two NRA-ILA Frontlines Activist Leaders (FAL):

Todd Rasmussen, Boone        Contact Todd
Ed Dolan, Central City             Contact Ed

NRA-ILA has two conference calls coming up, this week and next.  You can register for the calls by clicking on the links below:

East & Central Region              March 22, 2023 @ 6:00 p.m. Central Time
Mountain & Pacific Region     March 27, 2023 @ 8:00 p.m. Central Time

And, while you’re at it, if you are NOT YET a member of Iowa Firearms Coalition, Join Here!



By: Dave Funk / President, IFC

This week’s President’s Update covers two things. First item is a quick legislative update and second will be an explanation of how IFC and IFC PAC are funded.

Last week was the first of the scheduled Iowa Legislative assemblies “Funnels”. The short explanation of the process is that bills that have not been passed out of one chamber’s committees are dead for this year. They can be revived, but it takes leadership intervention. 

The Education Bill’s firearms training requirements have unfortunately failed to survive the first funnel. On the plus side, both the Safer Families Bill and the anti-ESG bills have moved forward out of committees. More to come on both of those in the near future. Watch the IFC PAC website where our PAC maintains a bill tracker and legislative scorecards so you can see exactly what is on the docket, and how Iowa Representatives and State Senators are and have been voting.

How Are the IFC and IFC PAC Funded?

Second; I’m often asked how IFC and the IFC PAC are funded. The funding for just the non-profit portion of IFC is predominantly through memberships. We do get cash donations and some items donated that we can sell or raffle off. Pretty much anyone can donate to IFC.

IFC ‘s Political Action Committee  however has to comply with Iowa’s Campaign Ethics and Finance Board rules. That means IFC PAC has to account for every donation above $20 and is limited to only accepting donations from individuals or other PAC’s. Corporate donations are not allowed and we cannot coordinate with other campaigns. 

If you want to help IFC and IFC PAC in their missions, join IFC and renew your membership yearly, consider volunteering your time, and get a couple of friends to donate.

Part of our Mission Statement is:

“IFC PAC, just like the rest of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, is a single-issue, non-partisan, all-volunteer organization. We’re made up of everyday Iowans. We don’t get paid to do this. We all have families, and we all live and work right here in Iowa. Fighting to protect and enhance our Second Amendment rights is what we do. We choose to do this because we truly value our freedoms and are willing to sacrifice to protect them.” To help the PAC, you can learn more about the PAC and donate here.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC

Gun-Free Zones: Fish In A Barrel

Gun-Free Zones: Fish In A Barrel

Gun-Free Zones — Fish in a Barrel

With every mass shooting, there is an understandable outcry to “do something” to prevent additional loss of life.  This is a natural human response by normal people who do not want carnage in the streets, malls, theatres, or schools.  Often, that response includes the establishment of more Gun-Free Zones.  But what effect do Gun-Free Zones really have?

What about the criminals who do not react like normal people?  The criminal who is intent on creating a horrific spectacle?  The loser who desperately wants his 15 minutes of fame?  The gang member who wants to prove himself to the gang?  To these people, a Gun-Free Zone is NOT a deterrent.  It is an opportunity and an invitation to go shoot people – like fish in a barrel – without the risk of engaging in a firefight.  Why is that?  Because only law-abiding citizens will respect the “Gun-Free Zone” sign–criminals do NOT!  Gun-Free zones create soft targets..

Shortly after New York implemented additional Gun-Free zones in response to the Bruen decision, there was a mass shooting in Times Square.  The New York Times quoted a retired police inspector, Tom Harris, about that shooting.  He said, “A gun-free zone is not going to stop a criminal from carrying a gun”. New York Times article

In Larry Corrieia’s widely acclaimed book In Defense of the Second Amendment, he says, “Gun-free zones are hunting preserves for innocent people.  Period.”  He goes on: “So where’s the best place to go shoot all these people? Obviously, someplace where nobody can shoot back.”  He states that “gun-free zones serve no action point, and when bad things happen, they directly contribute to the body count”.

How Many Shootings Are in Gun-Free Zones?

So, let’s look at the numbers.  How many of these mass shootings occur in Gun-Free Zones?  The number is staggering.  According to the Crime Prevention Research Center:  98% of mass shootings occur in Gun-Free Zones!  See the 2/22/18 report in the Daily Wire article

In October 2015, John Lott Jr. reported that since 1950, there were only two mass shootings in the U.S. that occurred in areas that were not Gun-Free zones.   “According to the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), only a little over 1% of mass shootings since 1950 occurred outside of a gun-free zone”:  GunTalk article

Arm yourself with the facts for those difficult conversations with folks who are absolutely certain that Gun-Free Zones are the answer to mass shootings.  If you want to dive deep into this subject, there is an hour-long video presentation by John Lott  on YouTube: John Lott Presentation regarding Gun-Free Zones

Iowa Firearms Coalition is working hard to protect your Second Amendment rights.  Join IFC – IFC will keep you informed about pending legislation (2A-friendly bills and other bills that threaten your rights).  IFC will help you lobby your legislators and even provide pre-written letters to your legislators when it helps focus on a particularly time-sensitive issue.  IFC provides relevant content for all gun owners (hunters, competitive shooters, and those who carry for self-defense) with news about industry trends, manufacturers, and firearms experts, weekly “Warrior Wednesday” videos featuring a wide range of topics, and prominent guests.  Learn more here: Iowa Firearms Coalition