PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: California Gun Control for All?

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: California Gun Control for All?

Governor Newsom wants California Gun Control for all of America and to turn America into the mucked-up mess that California has become. Sometimes you read an article so good, all we can do is pass it along in its entirety. So here goes an editorial from

Gov. Newsom Wants To Export California Gun Control Across America”

Ammoland Inc. Posted on August 19, 2023 by F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Opinion By Mark Oliva

Gun control politicians really are coming for America’s guns. There’s no denying it after California Gov. Newsom made his proposal for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution official.

Gov. Newsom wants to export strict California gun control to the rest of America. He introduced a proposal for a Right to Safety – an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would strip Second Amendment rights from individuals and instead make the government the arbiter of which firearm “privileges” would be allowed. That’s a recipe for disaster. California is more than just the canary-in-the coal mine for what happens when gun control politicians run rampant on rights without proper checks against abuse of authority. The state is also a harbinger for what happens when law-abiding citizens are stripped of their ability to lawfully defend themselves and more protections are afforded to criminals than to their victims.

The proposal was introduced by California state Sen. Aisha Wahab and Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer as Senate Joint Resolution 7. The resolution “calls on the U.S. Congress to call a constitutional convention under Article V of the Constitution of the United States for the purpose of proposing a constitutional amendment.” The intent is to affirm that state and local governments can negate Second Amendment rights and write their own gun restrictions, creating a patchwork of varying gun control across the nation and impose a series of gun control restrictions that California already has in place which have proven impotent in stemming the tidal wave of crime.

California Crime

Just one day after dropping this brick on the feet of the American public, federal workers in San Francisco were instructed to work remotely due to rising crime. Traveling into the city has become so risky, that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a memo to employees stating, “In light of the conditions at the (Federal Building) we recommend employees … maximize the use of telework for the foreseeable future,” according to a New York Post report. That office is in the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco, named for the Speaker Emerita. The building is also home to her district staff and U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) and Department of Transportation (DoT). It is unclear if the other departments issued similar warnings.

The “stay-away” memo reflects the worsening crisis of lawlessness in San Francisco and across California. The City by the Bay has descended in a “promised land of milk and fentanyl” as crime and drugs run unabated. Grocery and drug stores are shuttering over thefts and Gumps, a luxury retailer that’s been in San Francisco for 166 years, warned that this might be their last year because of a “litany of destructive San Francisco strategies…” the retailer wrote to Gov. Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

Gov. Newsom is unbothered by the downward spiral of the city where he was once mayor. He’s focused on his gun control 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would codify national age-based gun bans by raising the minimum age to buy a firearm from 18 to 21. It would also mandate universal background checks, which are unworkable without a national firearm registry. That’s prohibited by federal law. Gov. Newsom’s proposed Constitutional amendment would also implement a waiting period for all firearm purchases, immediately delaying the ability of law-abiding Americans to exercise their rights. It would also ban ownership of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), or as California’s antigun politicians call them – “assault weapons.”

Here’s the kicker. Gov. Newsom honestly believes all this can be done “while leaving the Second Amendment intact”.

That’s dishonest – intellectually, politically or any other lens through which to view it. What Gov. Newsom is proposing – and California lawmakers are now considering sending to the U.S. Congress – is nothing short of gutting the Second Amendment.

California Control

These are flagrant civil rights violations. Denying rights to adults under the age of 21 relegates firearm ownership to a privilege – granted and rescinded at a government’s whim. The government would usurp the rights endowed by “our Creator” and assume that role. Gov. Newsom would codify a national age-based gun ban – downgrading the Second Amendment to a second-class right. Free speech, free exercise of religion and free press would be preserved for adults at 18 but not the right to keep and bear arms. It is impossible for Gov. Newsom to claim that his proposal leaves the Second Amendment intact.

Gov. Newsom would also institute a federal government watchlist for every firearm owner in America – simply for exercising a civil liberty. Universal background checks won’t work without a national firearm registry, which is prohibited under federal law. To follow a firearm from creation to destruction requires that the owner of that firearm be listed on a searchable national database. That’s also called a government watchlist. There would be no tolerance for watchlists of who attends a church, mosque or synagogue. Yet, Gov. Newsom doesn’t believe this requirement tramples rights.

Gov. Newsom believes that anyone wanting to exercise their right to lawfully purchase a firearm should be required to wait – without defining what that wait time is. California currently has a 10-day mandatory waiting period, despite the fact that every gun buyer in that state passes the same background checks and fills out the same Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Form 4473 as a gun buyer in Virginia. Using the same First Amendment analogy, there would be no national appetite for telling Americans they must wait 10 days to “cool off” before making a redress against their government.

Gov. Newsom’s proposed ban on MSRs – or so-called “assault weapons” isn’t a ban in future sales. It’s a ticket for the government to seize lawfully-owned and possessed rifles. The text of the proposal is a “prohibition on the private possession” of these firearms. There are more than 24.4 million MSRs in circulation since 1990. They are the most-popular selling centerfire rifle in America. Gov. Newsom would institute not just a ban on selling these rifles but would necessitate a government seizure of them as well.

California Dreaming

Critics say this isn’t about actual gun control but political posturing. Call it gun control “peacocking” for when Gov. Newsom could potentially throw his name into the ring as a possible 2024 Democratic presidential nominee. That is, if President Joe Biden is unable to compete for re-election.

“Newsom right now is trying to appear to be a presidential as possible for either a 2024 or 2028 run at the White House,” said Washington-based candidate advisor Erica Taylor to the California Globe. “This amendment thing, it is pretty obvious to be a ploy. You put out a proposed amendment like this for attention. You don’t put out a press release on it after every little thing you do with it.”

Just over a year ago, Gov. Newsom “unexpectedly” dropped by The White House while President Biden was out of the country. He later told media he wouldn’t challenge President Biden in 2024. However, his unplanned White House visit caught the attention of many as him measuring the drapes and envisioning himself occupying the Oval Office.

The notion of all the drama of a 28th Amendment being nothing more than show might not be out of the question. After all, it is not much more than window dressing that would never garner national support.


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I wish I could say it as well! Remember to be Ready at All Times and never forget that those anti-freedom dangerous quacks are playing a long game but so are we at IFC. Help us by joining or renewing your IFC membership here today.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC



President’s Message…sort of!

President’s Message…sort of!

Laws for Me But Not for Thee

The Cat's Away (again) so the mice will play!

Once again, “the Cat’s away, so the mice will play!”  Our illustrious President, Dave Funk is burning the candle at both ends working at the Iowa State Fair these days, so I’m on tap for this week’s President’s Message.  You’re going to get a veritable stew, if you will — there’s a lot going down these days.

Laws for me but not for thee!  Can you think of a current case where this applies?  (Can you think of one where it Does NOT Apply?!)

First, in today’s news, Hunter Biden’s attorneys are arguing that the sweet diversion deal on the gun charge (you know, the one that DOESN’T send him to jail?), yeah…Anyway, his attorneys are arguing that even though the entire plea deal fell apart in court under the judge’s scrutiny in late July, the deal on the gun charge is separate and still binding.  Really?

Specifically, a Fox News article reports:

Hunter Biden’s legal team said in a Sunday court filing that federal prosecutors reneged on a plea deal reached by both parties in June, and an agreement reached on a felony gun charge against the president’s son still stands.

The article goes on to report:

The filing says “the Defendant intends to abide by the terms of the Diversion Agreement that was executed at the July 26 hearing”…

Of course, this filing came two days after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as special counsel to lead investigations into Hunter Biden.  This is the same U.S. Attorney for Delaware who led a very slow and lax prosecution into the tax and gun charges eventually levied against Hunter Biden and who crafted the original “sweetheart deal” on both that came apart in court last month.  (Funny, I seem to recall that when the judge clarified with the prosecutors that immunity from additional crimes would not apply to Hunter, HIS attorneys declared – in court – that the entire agreement was “null and void”).  Here is a link to the full article, if you care to read it: Hunter Biden’s Attorneys Argue Gun Deal Still Stands

Growing up as a military brat, I learned ALL the acronyms — including RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges)!  Indeed.

Nothing to see here folks.  Moving on…

School Districts Arming Staff & Employing More Security

In the aftermath of Uvalde, Texas conservative lawmakers have been pushing for more teachers to be armed.  Although many teachers have voiced opposition, “the strategy is catching on with more and more isolated school districts, like Harrold, where the nearest officer is miles away”.    In this article (now over one-year-old), Harrold Independent School District Arms Half of its Staff, this very remote small rural school district on the Texas/Oklahoma border has armed fully one-half of its staff to thwart any would-be active shooter threats.  Cody Patton, Superintendent of Harrold Schools, says:

I have two daughters in this school…But basically every kid who walks in that door is my child, and I’m responsible for their safety and make sure they get home to mom and dad at the end of the day.  So we want to give our employees whatever they need to protect our kids.

    So how does the general public feel about this idea?  In this 26-minute YouTube video from Bearing Arms, Cam & Co. Research Shows Armed Teachers Save Lives, Cam interviews Dr. J. Eric Dietz with the Homeland Security Institute at Purdue University about effective measures to save lives.  Dr. Dietz says that “so much of what’s going on, isn’t accomplishing that”.  Dr. Dietz says that, based on their research, an on-site school resource officer who responds without delay can reduce casualties by about 70%, but stated that when you add just 5% of teachers with concealed carry, you can have even better casualty reductions.  He went on to say that if armed teachers were focused on just protecting the kids in their classrooms, they could further reduce casualties by another 5-10%.  The video also discusses the reality of police response time, saying in most places in the country it ranges between 5-10 minutes, and sometimes more.

Public attitudes toward this idea are changing:  A poll by the Trafalgar group polled 1,091 general election voters and found that 57.2% of the respondents said they felt a school shooting situation would be more dangerous without armed teachers.  The video is worth listening to and the link is above.

Meanwhile, here in Iowa…IFC Educators Academy Begins!

     IFC is launching its first-ever Educator Academy beginning this morning.  For the next three days, selected scholarship applicants — all of whom are employed by an Iowa school — will be getting intensive training on Active Shooter Response.  The premier trainers (Lt. Col. Ed Monk (U.S. Army Ret.) & owner Last Resort Firearms Training) and Adam Winch (Former Law Enforcement and Military Policy Officer with duties including SWAT, Quick Reaction Team, and trainer for Colorado National Guard) and John McLaughlin (Chair of Iowa Firearms Coalition, Active Self Protection and NRA certified firearms trainer) will review the statistics and realities of active shooter events, discuss in-depth what works (and what doesn’t) to counter an active shooter, put the participants through the paces with safe gun handling, dry fire practice, drawing from concealment and then on to live fire drills, then timed live fire drills.  Participants must shoot qualifying scores to pass.  In addition, there is a trauma medicine segment.  This is not for the faint-hearted and I guarantee you the participants will be bone tired when this event concludes.  Stay tuned next week for a recap!

Guess I better close.  Dave will never turn me loose again! 🙂

Join the fight for our Second Amendment rights.  Join IFC.  We need every body!  The threats are increasing every day.

Second Amendment Matters.




IFC at Brownell’s GunCon!

IFC at Brownell’s GunCon!


IFC was at Brownell’s GunCon Saturday and what a blast!  Lots of vendors showing off cool guns, suppressors, gadgets, gear, tech, dry fire systems, and ammo, among other things.  Even the tornado watch alerts added to the excitement.  There were several panel discussions throughout the day by social media influencers who responded to audience questions — [Click HERE (and scroll down) to see a list of the participants & sponsors].  A few of the panelists were sharing the broadcast on their YouTube channels.  Folks who were streaming the event remotely were also able to submit questions.  There were other ad hoc presentations throughout the day as well — for example, they had an emergency first aid session, a reloading demonstration, and so on.

The atmosphere was upbeat and most of the vendors participated in a raffle prize giveaway.  Lucky winners won guns, holsters, ammo, suppressor cans, scopes, an air rifle, optics, muzzle flash suppressors, and on and on!  A meal ticket and five raffle tickets were given to each participant with their admission.  If you didn’t make it this year, keep a close eye out for future GunCon announcements because the tickets this year sold out in three days!

Thank You Brownell’s – A Great Event!

Brownell’s facility is top-notch!  It is immaculate and well-constructed.  I was impressed by their warehouse, their cafeteria, and the obvious importance they place on integrity, ethics, and workmanship.  Everything about the day was flawless.  It was clear that Brownell’s put tons of effort into putting together a great event.  There was a whiteboard with squares for ‘sticky notes’ where employees could anonymously and quickly share suggestions for improvements.  The atmosphere reminded me of a software firm where I used to work.  IFC is proud to have Brownell’s as a Trusted Partner!

The IFC team was there to spread the word about the work being done by the Iowa Firearms Coalition, our upcoming events, our effectiveness at getting 2A-friendly legislation passed since inception, and also at preventing bad gun bills from seeing the light of day.  We sold some hats and shirts, but mostly we talked and responded to questions from current and new members.  We signed up several new members and spoke with anyone willing to stop for a moment.  Our location was phenomenal:  we were set up just to the side of the seating area where everyone came to listen to the various presentations.

Stephen Willeford, “The Barefoot Defender”

And this brings me to what turned out, for me, to be the most impactful part of the day.  Next to us, the only other gun rights organization present was Gun Owners of America.  They have hired Stephen Willeford, “The Barefoot Defender”, as their national spokesperson.  Iowa Firearms Coalition had invited Stephen to be our guest speaker at our 2022 Lobby Day and also to attend and speak at the IFC-PAC Dinner that evening.  I remember being gobsmacked by his story.  He is well worth listening to…this ordinary human being who was called to do an extraordinary thing when the Sutherland Springs Church in Texas was attacked, resulting in 26 deaths.  If not for Stephen, there would have been many, many more.

I am one of those people who might react immediately but I “think slow”.  By that I mean that I often find myself reflecting on what I learn, or hear, or see, for months and sometimes even years after an event.  Gradually, it fits in its own niche, somewhere deep in my psyche.  Such has been the case with hearing Mr. Willeford speak in February 2022 — it’s taken me some time to process his message, and the events of that day.  So, I took the opportunity to talk with him a bit more on Saturday, and bought another copy of his book, A Town Called Sutherland Springs, which he autographed for my son.

Sunday, I re-read my own copy, fresh from talking with him.  It is not an easy story to read and I was even more deeply moved, reading it for a second time.  He’s a regular guy.  No military or law enforcement experience, but an experienced marksman and passionate Second Amendment supporter nonetheless, who found that his prior training drills – friendly competitions with friends – and hunting experience served him, and his community, very well — when he most needed it.  Very religious, very humble, very funny and very much in love with his large family.  He showed me a photo of his growing family on his phone and proudly told me that all of his adult children, their spouses and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren, have chosen to build homes and live on his family’s land, together.  He said that the shooting at the church and its aftermath has brought his close family even closer.

Now…It’s Up to Each of Us

I’ll leave you with this thought:  Volunteering for Iowa Firearms Coalition has been personally rewarding for me and has afforded me opportunities – like GunCon – that I would probably not have experienced…or would have experienced differently.  I have no special skills, but am an ardent supporter of our RKBA and other rights granted by God and enshrined in our U.S. Constitution.  There is NO reason that any of you cannot become more involved.

If you’re NOT a member, Join IFC!

If you ARE a member, volunteer to do just ONE thing.  I first volunteered to work at gun shows.

If you care about your Second Amendment rights (which are under severe threat by the current administration and the alphabet agencies), for heaven’s sake, GET INVOLVED!  Our collective voice is our strength and we’re going to need all the strength we can muster.  Membership is just $35 per year.

Second Amendment Matters



The Cat’s Away…the Mice Will Play!

As the saying goes, while the cat’s away, the mice will play!   IFC’s illustrious President, Dave Funk, who normally pens this message, decided he needed a little vacation.  Reluctantly, we let him go.  (Hope you’re having a good time, Dave!)  So, this message is a look back at the year so far and a couple of things to come.


2023 has already been quite a year for IFC members.  Granted, the legislature did not deliver for us, but it was not for lack of effort!  Our volunteer Lobbyist, Richard Rogers, spent every day at the Capitol impressing on the legislators the importance of the bills we were supporting and trying to garner the votes needed to pass them.  Michael Ware, also on the Board of Directors, put in countless hours, and others wrote pieces explaining the purpose of each bill and why it was important,  drafted information pieces for our members, and wrote letters for our members to submit via Action Alerts.  (If you haven’t used our Action Center yet, take a look here.)

All to no avail…I can tell you that IFC is not used to this!  Historically, IFC has helped to get many 2A bills ‘over the finish line’ (and “killed” many bills that never should see the light of day).  If you want to see just how effective IFC has been over the years, look here.  But you can’t win them all, unfortunately, and we now have information about the opposition to these bills so will be better able to position them for success next Session.  As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back!”.

2A Lobby Day 2023

Then, in February, there was 2A Lobby Day.  Of course, it snowed and it WAS windy and cold, but that did not stop folks from trekking to the Capitol.  If you missed it, I’m sorry.  Kris Paronto “Tanto” of legendary Benghazi fame, talked straight from the heart to the attendees in the Rotunda.

  He and his team were the victims of red tape, indecision, politics and bureaucracy — delays and bad decisions that cost Ambassador Stevens his life.  Tanto and his team were absolutely caught out, seriously outgunned.  No one came to their rescue–all night long.  Since no one (on the other side) was in uniform, one of the biggest challenges was identifying the friendlies from the terrorists.  His retelling of the story was detailed, heart-wrenching, and raw.  It was clear that his life, and the lives of his team, were irrevocably changed.  If you did miss the event, be sure to watch 13 Hours.

2A Lobby Day 2024

In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE!  January 18, 2024, at the Capitol for the 2024 2A Lobby Day.  Gabby Franco (competitive shooter previously featured on Top Shot, and Walther Firearms representative) moved to the US from Venezuela and is now a US Citizen.  Her story is compelling and a cautionary tale about what can happen if we don’t protect our Second Amendment rights.  More information to come!

First Responder Training April 2023

Now rewind to April and a day of First Responder & Self Defense Training in Newton.  Organized by Michael Ware, and John McLaughlin (who conducted the training), this event was held in a church in Newton.  172 people attended and they learned about situational awareness, concealment, and cover, how and when to apply a tourniquet, or use a chest seal or pack a wound.  They also learned “Firearms 101” and practiced with pepper spray (inert cannisters).  It was a fantastic day.  Many church security folks were there.  Several farmers and farmers’ wives, and their kids, also attended.  One shared with me that she wanted to come because, “If he’s out on the tractor and one of the kids gets hurt, I need to know what to do”.

On The Border 2023

Just this past week, I had an eye-opening trip (not affiliated with IFC) to the Yuma sector of our border in Arizona.  Our group heard from the Mayor of Yuma, the recently retired Chief of the Border Patrol/Yuma Sector, farmers and educators and health care providers working in the area, the Sheriff, and other Border Patrol agents on the job.  I have actually spent 25 years of my life living along the border (not in the Yuma sector), so I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the situation but “Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”  Things have definitely changed since the last administration and now that Title 42 has expired, the situation is even more grim.  The impacts to public safety, hospitals and other medical facilities, and to the schools is horrendous.  The number of apprehensions is staggering and the amount of fentanyl (and other drugs) coming across is unfathomable.

The border wall — where it exists — really is a great big beautiful wall (as shown in photo below)…with gaps that are as wide as two tour busses end-to-end in some places.  This “gap” wasn’t quite that large.  Perhaps only as wide as a single tour bus.

We were told that apprehensions over the past year were from 140 countries, with apprehensions from Mexico ranking 8th or 9th.

  They are seeing more people attempt border crossings from Russia and China; the highest number of apprehensions was single Adult Males.  It was an informative, astounding and disheartening trip.  The need for border security and for immigration reform is paramount.

Next Up:  IFC Educator Academy

Looking forward, IFC is hosting the IFC Educator’s Academy August 15-17 for eighteen very fortunate Iowa school employees who will spend three jam-packed days learning from experts about Active Shooter situations in schools and being trained on how to effectively counter that threat.  IFC is not only putting this program together and bringing in the experts, but is sponsoring $1,000 scholarships for those fortunate school employees, to cover the cost of the program.  If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, or to learn more about the program, check out the link above.

Join IFC!

Yes, we are that busy!  Keep in mind, IFC is an all-volunteer organization.  If you want to get involved, JOIN IFC!  We are always looking for new talent to help out with these events and at gun shows…(Oops!  I forgot to mention the numerous gun shows!)  Oh, and I forgot to mention the weekly vlog from John McLaughlin “Warrior Wednesdays“!  There is indeed a lot going on at IFC.  We could really use some help with those gun shows, with graphic design, event coordination, and to help further develop our Trusted Partners program, which is one of the ways we are adding value to your membership.

Thus ends the “surrogate President’s Message” for the week!   🙂





Present, Trained, Willing

IFC is embarking on a new venture – one designed to keep Iowa’s school children safer.  IFC is offering a part of the SOLUTION when evil walks through the doors of our schools.  Gun-free zones, like schools, are attractive to active shooters because they will not encounter armed resistance to their assault, until the police arrive.  And our children’s bodies stack up.

IFC has developed the IFC Educators Academy: Present, Trained, Willing.  The Academy will be offered August 15-17 and is a comprehensive, intensive three-day training opportunity for eighteen Iowa school employees.  The Academy is being conducted at CrossRoads Shooting Sports, in Johnston, Iowa.  CrossRoads is one of IFC’s Trusted Partners.

IFC is offering eighteen $1,000 scholarships to cover the cost of the Academy for the selected participants.  Several scholarship applications have already been filed.  If you are employed by Iowa schools, have a Permit to Carry (or can obtain one prior to the Academy), and want to be prepared to protect the students in your school, you can file a scholarship application HERE.

Listen to Michael Ware of IFC talking with Simon Conway on an podcast about this opportunity.


The training will feature three renowned instructors:

  • Ed Monk / Lt. Col. (U.S. Army, retired) and Owner, Last Resort Firearms Training
  • Adam Winch / military veteran and police trainer, of Defenders-USA
  • John McLaughlin / Chair of the IFC Board & Certified Instructor

The 30 hours of training begins with an in-depth review of the history of active shooters in school situations, and the necessity of having Present, Trained and Willing defenders at the school, to protect the children. This premise is the foundation of the course and is derived from over twenty years of research on mass shooting incidents, by Lt. Col. Ed Monk.  He provides a compelling narrative and breaks down the statistics, drawing a mathematically derived conclusion that ONLY by having Present, Trained and Willing defenders on-site will casualties be reduced.  This portion of the training will be live streamed to Iowa educators wishing to watch remotely (watch for future information on how to access), and will also be recorded for future training sessions.

The remainder of the training focuses on building skills through dry fire, then live fire at a variety of distances and speeds, repetition, incorporating basic tactical movement, and focusing on accuracy and firing under pressure.  Participants will have a baseline assessment before the training.  Additional blocks of training include Trauma Medicine, Deep Concealment for Educators, and What to Do When the Shooting Stops.

Three indoor ranges at CrossRoads will be used for the training.  Six participants will work with one of the instructors and each range will have a Range Safety Officer to assist.  There will be a second skills assessment prior to the end of the Academy.


This is an opportunity to become part of the solution.  To seek individual training like this at your own expense would be very costly.  This is an immersive experience featuring modern learner-centric educational theory and data-driven analysis of real world threats.  Our response to active shooters at schools cannot be the simple offering of thoughts and prayers.  We must counter the active shooter threat.

Second Amendment Matters – Join IFC today!