DEFUND THE ATF?  Where Does Your Presidential Wannabe Stand, Iowa?

DEFUND THE ATF? Where does your presidential wannabe stand on this Iowa? With the obvious total failure of gun control costing thousands of lives in Israel just days ago, every Iowa Republican caucus-goer needs to know exactly where the POTUS candidates stand on this question.

We all have friends who are Federal Agents. Most of them understand the roles and Constitutional duties of their offices. Many of them have also quietly spoken to me about the necessity to clean the houses of the politicians in their agencies and getting back to core missions. 

Freedom is about more than just “keeping the program funded”. It’s an important part of why the Founders wrote the Enumerated Powers Clause of the US Constitution. Of the five powers granted Congress, none of them included gun control in any form. 

This is not just a DC Swamp vs the rest of America question. This is about the next step in ensuring that Americans continue to have the ability to defend not just themselves, but our communities, and with the open border invasion being allowed by President Biden’s Administration, our country. 

America’s Founding Fathers clearly understood the necessity of the government not having a monopoly on power. Of all the things that they wrote about in the first ten amendments to our Bill of Rights, the second most important thing after being safe in your beliefs, thoughts, and speech was that every person should have a gun!

Clearly, a majority of our friends in Israel now see the need for an armed population that is Ready at All Times, and not just a few military members or the police.

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Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC