Rate x Time = Distance. It’s a simple equation that most of us learned in elementary school. Drive your car at sixty miles per hour, for one hour, and you will travel sixty miles. Those of us who are pilots or sailors use the exact same equation, whether at six miles per hour or 600 miles per hour.

What surprises me is that those anti-gun dangerous quacks ignore basic math and common sense and demand that kids be in total “gun-free” zones at school. Those same gun-free zones where 94% of mass shootings occur

In the recent Perry, Iowa school shooting it took the police seven minutes to respond. Faster police response or better training is not making any difference.

As always after any school shooting, many are demanding “We do something”. The loudest are those dangerous quacks, as always demanding mass civilian disarmament. Regular readers of my weekly President’s Message know those quacks don’t care about the kids, they only want a total monopoly on power.

Yet we know what works. Every time an active shooter is confronted by someone else with a gun, they do one of three things: They run away, they get shot and are stopped, or kill themselves. 

Time and Math

Time and Math. Six minutes that could save hundreds of future lives in our schools. If you are a parent, school board member, teacher, administrator, coach, cook, bus driver, or fan in the stands, please watch this short video and consider.

Six Minutes That Could Change Everything! Can We Protect Schools?

The shelter-in-place and “call 9-1-1” model that we have employed for over forty years in America is not working. It’s time to do what does work: an immediate armed response stopping the attacker in their tracks.

Please pass this video on to your friends, neighbors, School Board members, local elected officials, Iowa State Representatives, Iowa State Senators, and our Governor. 

Let’s get rid of these dangerous and ineffective gun-free zones in Iowa. 

The life you save may be someone you know and love.

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Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
Iowa Firearms Coalition