Unserious Dangerous Quacks. As many of you know, I love referring to our opposition as dangerous quacks. Nothing points out how those leftists have twisted themselves into knots over their ever-changing definitions of things. 

It wasn’t that long ago when in her confirmation hearing (now) Justice Jackson-Brown could not define what a woman is.  When asked that question, she answered: “I’m not a biologist”. Just a few days ago, she stated that a bump-stock increased the rate of fire of an AR15 to 800 rounds per second!

But it gets even worse with those Leftist Dangerous Quacks. A national treasure, Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana, took apart federal Judge Nancy Maldonado when he asked her to define an assault weapon.

“You said, ‘Assault weapons may be banned because they’re extraordinarily dangerous and are not appropriate for legitimate self-defense purposes’. Tell me what you meant by assault weapons? “

Judge Maldonado did everything she could to not answer that question, despite having signed a Legal Brief on the issue years before in her role as an anti-gun activist!

You can see the entire exchange here on X.

This is just one more example of it being time to end the Chevron Deference ruling that allows the courts to defer to “reasonable” agency interpretation of ambiguous federal statutes.  It is high time to start calling out the absurd idea that unelected government experts be given authority over everyday Americans. Or, for that matter, Federal Judges with no idea about the subject matter over which they rule.

Elections have consequences.  Let’s push the anti-gun and anti-freedom leftists out of power this November.

Iowa Legislative Update

We have passed the second funnel. Our priorities, both The Students First Safety Act and the Gadsden Flag Iowa license plates bills are still sitting in the Iowa Senate awaiting action. Please keep the pressure on your Senators through the IFC Action Alert System on these two bills.

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Dave Funk
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