The Gadsden Flag Plate is important in Iowa for two simple reasons.  1, Iowans want it.  2, As designed it’ll fund vital local 2A programs.

HF2639sailed through the Iowa House with a great deal of enthusiasm.  Even during floor debate, Democrats came to offer the rich history of the “join us” mantra the Gadsden flag represented in the formation and keeping of this fledgling nation.

What we want and need:

  • A Gadsden plate, much like the other dozen+ in America that adequately relays over to an oppressive government, “DON’T TREAD ON ME”
  • The funding stream should be left as the original content and context and can be used for 2A education, scholarships, grants, information, action, etc.

What we DO NOT want and need:

  • A change to a sticker away from the full plate design is silly.  Nobody wants that.  Nobody will buy that.  The LSA predicted 3000+ plates in circulation in just the first year.  IFC hears a ton of enthusiasm for this plate.  Why?  Because we explained the bill content and it goes to the heart of the matter, not something else.
  • Those who value the historical symbolism of “Don’t Tread On Me” are unlikely to be eager to see their $50 upcharge go to some ill-defined GOVERNMENT program.  Not only did the Iowa House pass this bill, but the public has been told all along what the funding would do and how it would be used.  They’re clamoring to spend the money on them.  Let them do it.

Additional thoughts: