Good Friday!  As a board member, writer, and general antagonist to my fellow IFC volunteers, I’m given latitude to blog about things not specifically part of our mission and a single issue advocacy group.  However, I find nothing more central to our mission, as Christians, than the proper understanding of the Gospel.  With that premise, I offer you this short excerpt from Spurgeon:

“I slew him—this right hand struck the dagger to his heart. My deeds slew Christ. Alas! I slew my best beloved; I killed him who loved me with an everlasting love. Oh eyes, why do you refuse to weep when you see Jesus’ body mangled and torn? Give vent to your sorrow, Christians, for you have good reason to do so.”

adapted from “The Tomb of Jesus” by Charles Spurgeon

We were all part of the destruction of the Messiah regardless of being physically present.  The weight associated with the freely offered gift of salvation ought to stir thought and emotion from each of us.  May we all ponder and reflect, for we all inhabit an afterlife – each of us lives forever.  …Somewhere.  Think about that.

In Libertatem,

Michael Ware – IFC Board