This is New York

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Well, everyone deserves a break and our illustrious President, Dave Funk, is taking one this week. I’m subbing for this week’s President’s Message and there’s some stuff to get through! Here goes…

‘Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York.’

Re-read that quote…

Judge Darkeh, in New York City, has no regard for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights – especially the Second Amendment!  Consequently, an ordinary guy –  a software engineer with a machine shop in his basement – is sitting in prison while real criminals get cashless bail.  Mr. Taylor got interested in gunsmithing during COVID (when New York was completely shut down), and legally ordered parts and lower receivers to begin building firearms.  He is a hobbyist.  He reportedly never even fired the firearms.  He never sold any of the firearms.  Yet today he is in one of the worst prisons in our country, while his attorney attempts to appeal the case.  His attorney estimates it will take two years of appeals to work the case up to the Supreme Court.

To fully appreciate the case, read the particulars here, in an article by Jeff Charles, entitled “NYC Man Convicted Over Gunsmithing Hobby After Judge Says 2nd Amendment ‘Doesn’t Exist in This Courtroom“.  Charles also conducted an interview of Taylor on X, which you can listen to here: Interview of Taylor.

Of course, reactions from around the 2A community are predictably and justifiably loud and angry.  mrgunsngear on YouTube posted this video with his take on the case that provides background about New York law, details about this case, and about Mr. Taylor. Listen here to Colion Noir’s outrage over this case.  And Guns & Gadgets expressed their disbelief about the case here.


In Other Anti-Constitutional News…

Watch this Undercover Video from James O’Keefe, featured in this article from American Thinker.  Mr. O’Keefe is having a conversation with a six-year DOD employee, called Jason Beck.  Mr. Beck has a senior position within the Office of the Secretary of Defense and routinely writes prepared responses for his bosses when they go to Capitol Hill to testify to Congress.  Specifically, his title is the ‘Associate Director, Total Force Requirements & Sourcing Policy’.  Like others currently in (unauthorized bureaucratic) ‘power’, he openly advocates to just ignore, discard, and trample upon the Constitution and American gun owners.  In particular, he tells Mr. O’Keefe in the video that gun owners should be stripped of their guns…by the National Guard…by force.  “Take them all away.”  All guns.

“The DoD employee casually noted that he “would like to do some work on the state’s monopoly on violence.” When asked what state’s monopoly on violence meant he replied, “It’s the idea that the state, meaning the country, uh, is the only sort of legitimate purveyor of violence …” Anyone else feel a chill?”

The article succinctly concludes with this observation:

“Disarming the citizenry is the hallmark of totalitarian rule. It is one of the first steps in enslaving a people. It goes hand-in-hand with one party rule, censorship, and “re-education camps.” If the people put up with this, they deserve to be treated like livestock.”

Don’t think they aren’t coming for your guns.  They are impeding gun rights in every possible manner, putting gun shops and manufacturers out of business with a zealous application of bureaucratic rules.  They are conducting lawfare in every court they can, to bankrupt gun owners and gun businesses into submission.  They are determined and WE are in their crosshairs.

Back to Iowa – And YOU

As few as fifteen years ago, gun laws in the State of Iowa were not necessarily very good.  We certainly did not enjoy the 2A freedoms we have today.  We had “May Issue” (carry permits), instead of “Shall Issue”.  We did not have Constitutional Carry.  We did not have the Freedom Amendment.  In fact, there have been many Second Amendment legislative victories since IFC was formed.  You should count your blessings that you live in Iowa, and not New York.  Or California.  Or Colorado.  Or Oregon.  Or Maryland.  Or Illinois.  Or Washington.  Or New Mexico…  I think you get my point.  The success in Iowa did not happen by accident!

The Iowa Firearms Coalition has been remarkably successful over the past dozen or so years, at introducing favorable legislation to enhance and protect Second Amendment rights for all gun owners in Iowa.  IFC has also been extremely effective at keeping “bad 2A bills” from passing.  Check out this updated page for a history of IFC’s legislative actions.


You should be thankful to have such an effective organization working on your behalf.  However, there is no question that there is strength in numbers – and we need your participation!  It is just a fact that legislators listen more closely to larger groups.  There is more work to be done, as was outlined recently in this IFC blog.  Become a part of the fight.  Second Amendment challenges are everywhere and it takes all gun owners to keep our rights intact.

Membership in IFC is not expensive.  Even if you belong to a national gun rights organization, you should join IFC.  IFC is involved at a state level – and those laws affect you each and every day.  Being a member keeps you up-to-date on legislation being proposed, or passed, as well as Second Amendment developments and firearms industry news.  In addition – an ADDED BONUS to membership is the discounts offered by our Trusted Partners and Affiliates to our members.  Check it out here!

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