GUNCON 2024 is happening and it isn’t too late to get your tickets and be part of the “collective” as it were…  This event is the next evolution of our TGC Panel you know and love. We are bringing together some of the top content creators, some of your favorite brands, and YOU all at the Brownells HQ! There will be tours of the Brownells facility, tons of cool guns and gear, as well as some big giveaways!

The Gun Collective is brought to you by Jon Patton, and he produces all the content for TGC.  Jon makes every effort to be honest and forthright, focusing on educating firearm owners and enthusiasts, while pay close attention to continual quality content.  The news, reviews, videos, or podcasts you see coming from TGC is top tier.  That’s what makes GUNCON 2024 being held in our neighborhood so exciting.  You can listen to the panelist discussions, talk to vendors directly, and shake hands with the people you’ve followed for years.  GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

IFC is a sponsor!  Read all about GUNCON 2024 HERE.  Listen in with Michael Ware of IFC and Jon Patton of The Gun Collective as they discuss what is going on with GUNCON 2024 right here in the middle of little ol’ Iowa.