It’s officially election season, 2024. Well, maybe closer to Labor Day is the official date. However, as many of you reading this know, it never really ends here in Iowa – with our First in the Nation Caucuses. (I’m sure like me you’re relieved to see laundry soap and agricultural chemical ads return every November, instead of the constant bombardment of political ads.)

Almost three years ago, IFC-PAC launched our digital campaign to ensure victory for the long, hard-fought struggle to ensure passage of the Freedom Amendment. With your help, we achieved a remarkable 65.17% victory and captured an estimated 20% of Democrats and 60% of Independents who voted “yes” on State Ballot Measure Number 1. This  successful campaign earned more votes than any other statewide race.

Engaging Voters

Why am I bringing that up now you might ask? That digital campaign allowed IFC to engage with over one million Iowans of voting age. In the campaign, IFC-PAC was able to highlight and publicly thank the elected Representatives and Senators at both the State and Federal levels, Statewide office holders (and candidates), and County elected officials who supported the Freedom Amendment.

IFC-PAC worked hard to become the “go-to” expert on all things Second Amendment here in Iowa. We need to repeat that effort again this summer and into Election Day on November 5th.

Because of the foundation you helped IFC build in 2021-2022, this year that job is easier.  However, we still need to do it. In order to highlight 2A supporters, IFC-PAC needs to fund our digital campaign again this Summer and Fall. Unlike 2021-2022, the need is not for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but instead just a fraction of that. 

You all know how hostile Biden and his ‘string-pullers behind the scenes’ are toward your individual rights, and particularly the 2nd Amendment. Let’s stop them here in Iowa from making any gains against your freedom. 

That’s why I’m asking you today to go to IFC-PAC and donate what you can. Even just a small recurring donation is a huge help. Your local elected Representatives will tell you that they appreciate IFC-PAC’s highlighting them as supporters, as opposed to the small amount of dollars we could donate to each of their campaigns directly.

Please stay Ready at All Times, and help us defend all Iowan’s rights by joining or renewing your IFC membership here today.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
Iowa Firearms Coalition