Courtesy: KCCI


Gabby Giffords will soon be visiting our state in an attempt to drum up support for Representative Bruce Bailey’s Braley’s run for the US Senate. Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly head the gun control super PAC “Americans for Responsible Solutions.” Giffords has just begun a nine state tour that’s pushing a gun control agenda that will allegedly “help protect women and families.”

Specific details of Giffords’ visit have yet to be released to the public.

This isn’t the first time Braley has leaned on these anti-gunners for support. Almost a year ago Giffords and Kelly spoke at the “Bruce Blues & BBQ.” Giffords’ super PAC has even endorsed Braley’s run for the senate.

Braley has been very open about his desire to enact stricter gun control regulations, and his close relationship with Giffords and Kelly erases any doubt that if elected Braley will support more gun control. If for no other reason than to repay Giffords and Co. for the favors they’ve done for him and his campaign.

For this reason and many others IFC is proud to support Joni Ernst in her run for Senate. And we encourage our fellow Iowans who value their rights and oppose the Braley/Giffords/Michael Bloomberg gun control scheme to vote for Ernst in the upcoming election.

If you’re interested in joining our fight to elect solid, pro-gun candidates this November CLICK HERE to volunteer and make a real difference.