Legislative update week 10
Suppressor success & unfinished business


We’ve just wrapped up a monumental week in the capitol. House File 2279, the Hearing Protection Act passed the Senate by a 46 to 4 vote. The bill had an amendment attached to it that fixed a small grammatical error in the original draft. This means the House of Representatives will have to vote on the amendment before the bill goes to the governor’s desk. House leadership has already signaled that they have prioritized this vote and will be taking it up in short order. We fully expect the House to adopt the amendment. Once that happens we expect the governor to sign the Hearing Protection Act into law. Major thanks to all of the IFC members who’ve worked so hard make this happen.

We’re extremely proud to have pushed the Hearing Protection Act through the Senate, but we can’t lose sight of the other two bills that are still eligible for votes in the Senate: the ATV Carry Act and the Privacy Protection Act. There’s no denying that legalizing suppressors will great for gun owners in Iowa, but these two other bills will serve hundreds of thousands of gun owners statewide. Unfortunately Democrats in the Iowa Senate have heavily amended both the ATV Carry Act and Privacy Protection Act. The Iowa Firearms Coalition strongly opposes these amendments and encourages you to contact your senator and urge them to vote no on any amendment to either bill.

Please take 30 seconds to email your senator about the ATV Carry Act and Privacy Protection Act.

Finally, in honor of this week’s victory in the senate we’re discounting our life memberships from $500 down to $300. Use the code “Suppressors2016” to take $200 off your life membership purchase. NOTE: if you’re a current IFC member email us at “membership@iowafc.org” to apply your coupon code. This offer will expire on May 1st.

More updates to come. Thanks so much for your hard work and continued support of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

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