Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me proud to be a part of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

Starting at 10 AM this past Saturday morning, hundreds of people from all over the state flocked to Brownells’ Big Springs Range in Searsboro to attend the American Suppressor Association’s suppressor shoot. ASA, in conjunction with Brownells, held the event to celebrate the recent passage of HF2279, the Hearing Protection Act, and to educate Iowans about suppressors, their use, and the process of obtaining them.

Staffed by representatives of over half a dozen suppressor manufacturers from all over the country and a few local dealers, those who came were treated to free ammo to fire through a wide assortment of suppressed firearms, ranging from bolt action .338 Lapua Magnums to Kriss Vectors, from Ruger MkIIIs and 1911s to Uzis and ARs. It was a veritable gun cornucopia, all stocked with the finest cans the market has to offer.

On hand to greet and talk to people were IFC board member and NRA VP Pete Brownell and his father Frank, Brownells’ communications director Ryan Repp and his cohort Roy Hill, the intrepid leaders of the ASA Knox and Michael Williams, and of course, several members of the IFC board and executive committee, including fellow lobbyist Richard Rogers. Representative Matt Windschitl (R-H17), the champion of Second Amendment virtues in the Iowa Legislature, was there with his wife and kids as well.

As I walked around chatting with Iowans who drove anywhere from just ten minutes to come, to three hours from the farthest reaches of the state, just to see, shoot and learn about suppressors, I was struck by just how large of a positive impact we’ve made on gun owning Iowans. It’s easy to lose track of this in the daily grind at the Capitol, after all the meetings and phone calls and e-mails. But everywhere I looked I saw the smiling faces of good folks enjoying the fellowship of other gun owners and their families, and it more than reminded me why we do what we do.

In a private moment away from the crowds, I stood with Matt Windschitl and I asked him how it felt to witness the result of all his hard work. His reply? “*Our* hard work, you mean.”

Our hard work indeed.

In appreciation of that hard work, ASA saw fit to honor you and IFC with their 2016 Partnership Award, to recognize your excellence in suppressor advocacy. Attached are some pictures of that award. As you look at them, remember: The award is *yours*. I only received it on your behalf because we couldn’t fit the thousands of you up on that flat-bed trailer.

Everyone, thank you SO much for everything you do. The session isn’t even over yet, and we’ve already chalked up two more in the win column. IFC would be absolutely nowhere without all your e-mails and your phone calls to legislators, and of course, all your memberships, donations and ongoing moral and volunteer support.

You all truly define the meaning of “group effort” and “teamwork” and it’s one of the most amazing and heartwarming things to witness and be part of. With a dash of luck hopefully I’ll be able to report still another win or two before this session is over…And if and when that happens, whether it’s this year or next year or in the years ahead, take pride in knowing that you’re part of a statewide coalition of thousands people who all know that freedom starts right here at home, and they all have your back to protect it.

Thanks again for all you do, everyone. It is an honor to work with you and for you.

All hands to the middle,
IFC President


Iowa Firearms Coalition is an entirely volunteer, grassroots, Second Amendment advocacy group. Responsible for bringing uniformity to Iowa’s Permit to Carry process, IFC’s members work to protect and enhance Second Amendment rights in Iowa. An affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the IFC actively seeks to foster and promote the shooting sports. Sign up for our email list for the latest on Second Amendment issues in Iowa. You can support our work by becoming a member, or making a donation.