ATF, in an effort to please the incoming Biden Administration, is beginning their assault on our rights. ATF is attempting to reclassify perfectly legal pistol braces and the weapons in which they’re affixed as NFA weapons, necessary of registration. Why all of a sudden is a practical and legal Title I firearm and the accessory you have attached to it being considered an NFA item? Why the attempt to force us to register the weapon, and ourselves, with the federal government or face a felony?


This is the beginning folks. We must make our voices heard. There are several things we need from you. Begin by clicking the link provided that directs you to the IFC Action Center. The message you can generate there in seconds alerts the White House and your House Representatives and Senators to this egregious regulatory overreach. If you’ve got a full head of steam, call the White House phone (202) 456-1111, and email the President in an effort to push back this massive registration scheme.

There is another vital engagement we need from you. Follow the link to the “Federal Register” where ATF takes comments until January 4th, 2021 and tell them why this is wrong. If you show them general disgust, which is a reasonable response, it, unfortunately, doesn’t move the needle. They need to know specific complaints so they can categorize them. We’re asking you to bite your lip and equal your disdain with respectful comments. This is a tall order, we realize, but helpful for the time being. Below is an example paragraph you’re welcome to copy and paste if you’d rather:

“The factors identified by the ATF (ATF 2020R-10) for its possible use in classification include type, caliber, weight and length, how the gun is marketed, length of pull, sights and scopes, peripheral accessories mounted, and rear surface area of the brace, among others. While the factors listed are arbitrary and open-ended, the truly onerous part of the proposal is that no definitions of the factors are provided.

The grotesque inadequacies of this document render this “guidance” worse than meaningless. By stating that “no single factor or combination of factors is necessarily dispositive,” the regulated public is left guessing. Which calibers are ok? What is the weight or length of pull limit? What accessories can be mounted on a pistol? This is a complete failure of defined criteria, offers no direction to the public all at their risk, and constitutes a “we’ll know it when we see it” approach to applying rules backed by the threat of felony arrest resulting in prison sentences and fines.”

USE the narrative above or your own. There is a small green box “Submit a Formal Comment” at the top right hand corner of the page: FEDERAL REGISTER RE: ATF 2020R-10 ACT


Make no mistake. This is how it starts. This is a test case for banning common sporting arms like the AR15 and accessories like 30rd magazines. Once ATF decides to randomly reclassify weapons and accessories and succedes, there is no end…