Narren Brown, from the Well Armed Progressive, joins a discussion with IFC Chairman, Michael Ware this week.  You might not think a core conservative and a core progressive have much in common.  You’d be wrong.  The truth is, both of these gentlemen rightly understand the Second Amendment is universal and intended for everyone.  Rich, poor, black, white, town, country, it doesn’t matter, this vital civil liberty was and is for everyone.

When we see policies being implemented by politicians that chip away at our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the poorest among us are continually hit the hardest.  The poor often include men and women of color.  This can’t be denied.  We end up with tiered justice systems that deny men and women without ample means the justice they deserve.  When you think of what Jim Crow represented in all his discretion to curtail the liberties of others, we see the exact same thing playing out today.  …We just don’t call it Jim Crow anymore.

In Iowa’s own legislature we have politicians that seek the rise of Jim Crow.  One such example is HF65, which seeks to roll back Iowa’s SHALL ISSUE permitting system to “May Issue” again.  When someone else has discretionary power over your liberties, you’re in trouble.  This is control over you and me, plain and simple.  The “May Issue” permits came to prominence solely over Jim Crow.  The black community and the poor were exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment and the local politicians sought out the legislature to implement some sort of tool for controlling them.  …That is the origin and intent behind “May Issue” permitting.  And we have politicians willing to send us right back to the height of Jim Crow-era segregation.

It doesn’t stop there.  This frank and open discussion between Narren and Michael is one people need to consider carefully.  There are more to come on these topics.  Find House File 65 on the IFCPAC’s Bill Tracker and look up the bill sponsors.  As always, your membership helps us fight this cause.  JOIN IFC NOW