We all have heard of the exponential growth in firearms sales in the last two years. Between the COVID-19 lockdowns and civil unrest Americans are arming themselves at a tremendous rate.
On October 6th, 2021, researchers John R Lott, and Rujun Wang released a detailed study on weapons permit issuance growth rates hitting an all time high.

From the Studies Abstract:

“During the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of concealed handgun permits has soared to over 21.52 million – a 48% increase since 2016. It’s also a 10.5% increase over the number of permits we counted a year ago in 2020. Unlike gun ownership surveys that may be affected by people’s unwillingness to answer personal questions, concealed handgun permit data is the only really “hard data” that we have. This increase occurred despite 21 Constitutional Carry states that no longer provide data on all those legally carrying a concealed handgun because people in those states no longer need a permit to carry.

These numbers are particularly topical given that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the concealed carry case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association V. Corlett in November. That case will determine whether those requesting permits need to provide a “proper cause,” which means a good reason for obtaining a permit.”

In Iowa, The Quad Cities Times has just published an article showing that in Scott County, Weapons Carriage permits issued in 2020 more than doubled over 2019.

Not surprisingly, the Biden Administration continues to show just how out of step it is with most Americans. The have just announced another rabid anti-gun appointment, this time it’s Elizabeth Prelogar to the US Solicitor General’s post. Prelogar is the current acting Solicitor General and she has a long standing record of working with radical anti-gun rights groups including Everytown for Gun Safety. She is a hard leftist activist and has no business being the US Solicitor General. Expect to hear more about IFC’s opposition to this nomination and what you can do to stop it in the near future.

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Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, Iowa Firearms Coalition.