Nobody is more committed to the Second Amendment in Iowa more than the Iowa Firearms Coalition.  Over the years we’ve witnessed many injustices and we’ve actively addressed each of them one by one as they pertain to the 2A.  That is part of our mission.  We’ve been involved in court cases, which we’ve won, and have stopped tons of bad legislation along with having helped pass great legislation.  I say “help” because none of this work gets done without diligent daily work with the Legislature and often the Governor’s office.

There have been many times I’ve run into a person I knew or had a customer through my shop that took time to tell me how great their Representative or Senator was on our issues.  And often when they were able to name them, I would have the not-so-fun labor of pointing out that their elected official, in fact, voted against their rights rather than in support of them.  This was a point of discussion within IFC often enough we decided to build a tool to track legislative performance.  Our “PAC” site now contains a legislative scorecard so anyone can quickly and easily find their legislator, see their score, and look at the bills they voted for or against.

This tool is free for all you to use.  Most importantly, you should let your elected officials know you’ll be watching them now, as that chore just became exponentially easier and faster.  In fact, it might be valuable to forward them THIS LINK to the IFCPAC site so they can see just how well or poorly they have rated themselves through their actions on behalf of their constituents.  I’m sorry, but there are a lot of elected officials that will tell you they support the Second Amendment, but their votes say otherwise.  Don’t be bamboozled.  KNOW the truth.  Use this free tool to see how your Representative and Senator performed for you!

Below is an IFCPAC site and tool kit walkthrough for each of you to use to learn more about the tools we’re offering to the public:


In LIberty,

Michael Ware – IFC