March 8th, 2022 Rep. Jack Bergman (MI-01) alongside 55 other members of Congress introduced the Firearm Industry Non-Discrimination (FIND) Act. A bill purposely created to fight against large financial institutions and corporations who refuse to work with a business simply for them being part of the 2nd Amendment community.

From the article;

“Large financial institutions and other corporations, many of whom benefit from federal contracts, have increasingly adopted policies designed to hurt the domestic firearm industry – from forcing restrictions on the products they can sell, to outright refusing to provide basic services. These policies have, in effect, restricted access to legal firearms well beyond the democratically-established firearm laws at the state and federal levels.

To address this problem, the FIND Act would prevent any businesses that discriminate against firearm businesses or associations from contracting or subcontracting with the federal government – ensuring that federal funding is not used to further these harmful policies.”

One recent example I am aware of is from a local Iowa business “Schiwerks,” I spoke with the owner Sam Schieuer who not long ago had his business discriminated against for working in the gun industry. Schiwerks offers cerakoting, laser engraving, stippling, slide milling which could all be chalked up as art work. They are a proud Iowa business who makes quality products but due to the political climate and cancel culture they found themselves on the receiving end of discrimination.

First, their payment processor dropped them for cerakoting firearms, which is a high quality paint like protectant. Sam said, “I explained to them I do not sell, I’m just an artist. They didn’t care and refused my business. Left me high and dry without a way to do business for a few days.”

The second case of discrimination he received was that his homeowners insurance dropped him not because he runs a business out of his home, rather it being a firearm related business. So they dropped him and the only way he was able to reinstate coverage was to pay more than double his previous amount.

This is the exact type of discrimination the FIND Act is supposed to fight against, it’s worth noting Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04) is one of the 55 members of Congress who have signed onto this bill. 

Click Schiwerks , if you would like to reach out in support of them or to view their services. As always, thank you for supporting Iowa Firearms Coalition.

Dillon Daughenbaugh

IFC Communications Director