…A concealed carry permit.  Iowa has referred to our permit as a “PTC” or Permit to Carry Weapons since I was knee-high on a grasshopper.  I’ve heard just about all the variations you can imagine over the years.

“Hey ol’ buddy, just picked up my concealed carry card.”


“Hey Michael, I got my conceal to carry permit last week.”


It is important to note Iowa does not have a concealment requirement of our permit.  However, there is ONE exception.  The Iowa Capitol building does require the concealment of your weapon – open carry isn’t allowed in the Capitol Building.

There is always debate on the choice to carry openly or concealed.  Most folks carry concealed for a tactical and strategic advantage.  In most cases, I agree.  However, that is primarily because Iowans aren’t used to seeing folks with a hogleg strapped to their side.  I have a property in Colorado and spend lots of time in Wyoming.  You can’t toss a dead cat without hitting somebody carrying openly.  That’s just part of the culture and I assure you it is normal and accepted.  So, it takes a while for folks to warm up to seeing open carry.  Maybe that is in Iowa’s future.  You never know.  But, it isn’t illegal, no matter what you might think.  Just know that if you choose to carry openly, you’re choosing heightened scrutiny by anyone with a set of peepers.  Some, you might not prefer.

Additionally, Iowa’s Permit to Carry Weapons isn’t limited to a handgun.  You could use it for the purposes of carrying a long gun, a knife, etc.  Many states restrict you into the carrying of a handgun only, or the gun be concealed only, or this, or that.  Iowa’s law is easy to grasp.  I would imagine the simplicity in the law and the trust Iowa places in its upstanding citizens is why our permit is so popular.  Over 420,000 permits are current in Iowa, which places our state 2nd out of 50, for the highest ratio of permits to the population in the nation.

If you’d like to go read about it, FOLLOW THIS HOT LINK to Iowa Code Section 724, and enjoy.

So, let’s recap…  It isn’t a “concealed carry permit” here in Iowa.  Iowa has a Permit to Carry (PTC), and you can carry openly, concealed, long gun, handgun, knife, some jacks, or whatever…  (Yes, after having stepped on my son’s jacks with bare feet a few nights ago in the dark, I’d consider them a dangerous weapon).  About 1 in 6 Iowans eligible for a Permit to Carry has one and is carrying.  I’d love for more criminals to read this blog and then reconsider their life choices.  Yes, we have a PTA (Permit to Acquire) as well, but it is no longer a prerequisite for buying a handgun, and there aren’t a ton of them issued compared to the Iowa PTC.

If you’re enjoying your permit, or are planning to get one, you’re welcome.  IFC worked for years to obtain this for you all and while others may attempt to take credit, we were the only ones in the Capitol Building doing the heavy lifting.  It was IFC (then Iowa Carry) and NRA at the table negotiating with the Democrat Senate, Democrat House, and Democrat Governor to realize this goal.  No other advocacy groups were in the room.  We’re glad the law we built is now considered the best in the nation, and we’d love your support as members of IFC.  JOIN HERE.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware