I’m no longer bashful about offering the truth when it comes to these matters.  For the longest time, I avoided confrontation with these people, because I truly didn’t believe there were that many out there.  …And of the handful that existed, nobody was listening to them.  Or so I thought.

But it appears I was off the mark.  If you can suffer through the article, you won’t be pleased.  It is chocked full of nonsense and lies.  Outright lies.  There are undeniable facts of life and we’re wise to remember them.  First, the Second Amendment protects a pre-existing right.  Second, firearms stop exponentially more threats than they offer.  We know this not only through statistics, but there are more good guys than bad guys.  Duh, use your brain.  Third, the sexual exploitation of children in any form is cruel and lascivious.

That some self-proclaimed pseudo-intellectual would offer this title, much less the article bunk contained therein as valuable, tells you all you need to know about how backward their thoughts have to be in order to put this in print.  But, make no mistake my friends, when they’re saying things like this, they mean it.  They actually believe they can make an argument that since child porn is wrong, a self-defense choice is more wrong.

They’re crazy.  They’re dangerous.  Their policies have gotten us into this mess.  Their justifications and silliness have contributed to the corrosion of culture.  The stains and mildew adorning the moral fabric blanketing this nation, and the world for that matter, are born of their stupid ideas.  …And with no small irony, it’ll be up to us to correct it.  Stop doing what I used to do, and don’t walk off shaking your head.  Stand up and tell them they’re insane and no decent person thinks and behaves this way.  Put them on notice we’re done with policies that put children at risk.  We’re going to PROTECT them and not abuse them as they do while using the deaths of children as political pawns on the gun control chess board…  Absolutely despicable.