The U.S. Army’s Lake City plant, yes you read that correctly, our United States Army which runs an ammunition factory, is being told to stop producing for the commercial market. The facility accounts for nearly 30% of ammunition production. That should help his approval ratings…

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This would mean no longer can Lake City sell their popular M855 and SS109 to the civilian market. A direct attack on the ammunition used for America’s most popular modern sporting rifle with nearly 25 million known rifles being in the United States. A cowardly and desperate move by an administration throwing a tantrum because they can’t get another “assault” weapon ban passed. Continually attacking us where it may hurt the most, our wallets. 

While the federal government is on the assault on one end, we must ensure that our state is protected with preemptive measures, like the Freedom Amendment. Which amends Iowa’s Constitution to add the strong protections of the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, with strict scrutiny.

So, what we need is for you to engage with all of social media as much as possible, while also telling your friends, families, and followers about the Freedom Amendment. It will be found on the back of the ballot in November. Vote YES on the Freedom Amendment and enshrine our rights to keep and bear arms in Iowa’s Constitution once and for all. Join Today! Also, complete our two Action Alert to email your legislators on important issues.

God Bless Iowa.

For Freedom

Dillon Daughenbaugh

IFC Comms Director.