Dangerous Quacks — The Next Generation Is With Us! 

President’s Message:

Dangerous Quacks — The Next Generation is with us, and I’m not talking about another Star Trek series. On October 12, 2023, Kennedy Lein, a fourth-year undergraduate student with a double major in Journalism and Cinematic Arts at the University of Iowa, penned an opinion piece on Rural Gun Violence in The Daily Iowan. Her other contributions to that publication include pieces on wind energy and food insecurity for college students.

Getting to the gist of her piece that opens with this statement:

“Gun violence, especially in rural areas, has been an overlooked issue for many years.


According to NBC News, two decades of data shows that gun violence is worse in rural areas than big cities.


This issue is largely overlooked by the public and lawmakers alike.


As stated in a study in a study from the American Medical Association, “high rates of gun homicide in urban centers have been the sole focus of many policymakers and used as justification to loosen gun laws, when in fact gun violence is an issue in counties of all sizes.”

As I read through the article, I noticed that the author cited nothing but anti-gun studies and publications as her basis for her conclusions. What’s more, she lumped into what she calls “Gun Violence” accidental shootings and suicides committed with firearms. What amazes me is that the author used such limited data to come to her conclusions. It takes but one murder in a town of 100 people in a four-year period to skew the data to make it look like a town in rural America is more dangerous than Chicago on a per 1,000,000 people comparison. 

She closes with this statement:

“Politicians and citizens have the power to change the narrative about gun violence. The facts are there, and this will only get worse if nothing is done.


Rural areas need to have stricter gun laws, but most importantly, there needs to be light shed on the gun violence crisis that is happening in rural America. Before we lose any more innocent lives to gun violence, let’s put an end to it.”

Apparently not just the majority of Iowa voters firmly rejected her arguments, when they passed with 65.17% of the vote, the Freedom Amendment last November, but my guess is that a majority of our friends in Israel clearly see the need for an armed population that is Ready at All Times.

Ms. Lein is representative of the next generation of anti-gun dangerous quacks. Help us educate Iowans on the facts by joining or renewing your IFC membership here today.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC