As I wrote on Good Friday, I’m given, or more accurately, TAKE some liberties with blogging on rare occasions here at IFC.  If you author a few hundred blogs, the single-issue advocates within IFC will give you an occasional pass when you depart, for good reason, from the core mission.  Similar to what I wrote on Friday, nothing is more central to our cause than a right understanding of the nature of good and evil.  Those foundational concepts come from only one place.  In case you haven’t considered it, they don’t come from the natural world.  Good and evil are not represented in nature.

In keeping with Easter, let’s drop the “happy” part of our address to others.  The word “happy” really doesn’t quite do it, does it?  What happy thoughts do we have about having enthusiastically murdered the Messiah?  None.  Can we have happy thoughts about Him having risen from the dead?  Yup.  But I hope our emotion and energy surpass the word “happy” when we reflect.  😉

To think thoroughly and with devotion could nearly be indescribable.  But Charles Spurgeon offers a glimpse into my contemplation with this:

This, then, is the doctrine of the resurrection. We do not believe–at least I do not–that law has been rudely violated in one extraordinary and unparalleled episode. We believe that a universal law of life, overmastering death, and always superior to it, has had once a visible witness.

-Charles Spurgeon

Let that sink in, and then find a suitable replacement for the “happy” part of Easter my friends…  <3

In Libertatem,

Michael Ware – IFC Board Member