Is the New Finland Firearm Policy a New World Gold Standard?  If it isn’t, it is a close second to the very best!  I was sent this article by a friend earlier today outlining Finland’s bold and savvy approach to the country’s firearm policy.  From the article:

Finland is taking a bold step forward in national defense and public safety with its groundbreaking initiative to open 300 new shooting ranges across the country. This extensive project not only aims to enhance military readiness and civilian preparedness but also integrates responsible gun ownership into the fabric of Finnish society. As geopolitical tensions rise, Finland’s proactive strategy sets a global standard for empowering citizens while fortifying national security.

WOW!  That’s like a dream come true.  In reality, it simply makes sense.  But, when you’re used to silly and ignorant people making far-left policies, acronym agencies dreaming up all-new restrictions and calling them “regulations,” along with a Biden White House and Dept of Justice gone mad, you tend to lose your perspective on what constitutes common sense.

Finland is pushing a government initiative to build 300 new shooting ranges, which is tantamount to some serious civic investment.  This will create jobs, keep people working, and provide safe environments to realize their liberties.  Not only does this encourage and make simple things like responsible gun ownership and safe practices, it also provides a sense of patriotism and preparedness to a country with a LOOOONG border with Russia.  This eventually leads to a strong nation less likely to be attacked, unlike the Ukraine where firearm ownership was mostly barred.  The Fins will be out sport shooting, hunting, and practicing, all while boosting their proficiency.  Any bets on crime?  That’s right…  Provided they keep the stats and report them without fudging the way the US departments like to, you’ll see crime fall.  From the same article:

Finland’s strategic expansion of shooting ranges represents a robust approach to enhancing national security and fostering a culture of responsible gun ownership. By creating more opportunities for training and education, Finland not only strengthens its defensive capabilities but also boosts local economies and supports recreational activities. This comprehensive initiative serves as a model for countries worldwide, demonstrating the importance of preparedness and resilience in an unpredictable global landscape.

I couldn’t have said it better.  Take a long hard look at what firearms ownership SHOULD look like when encouraged for all the right reasons by a government that wishes to empower and TRUST the public they seek to serve, rather than take rights from them in a clumsy attempt for control.


In Libertatem,

Michael Ware – IFC Board