SCOTUS Strikes again! The Supreme Court of the United States has struck down thebump stockrule. It was a long time coming. We also saw a Fifth Federal District Court of Appeals Judge demolish the pistol brace rule, because of previous SCOTUS rulings.

Let’s cover the logic between these two rulings and how they affect our Second Amendment rights. 

Bump Stocks

In the very emotional time after the Las Vegas attack, the bump stock rule was created. As the left does, by never letting a crisis go to waste, Americans were bullied into an emotional reaction to a violent attack. Fortunately, SCOTUS pointed out the important fact that only Congress has the authority to create law. The BATFE cannot just make things up as they go along, period. As the Second Amendment Foundation explained:

“This is a significant victory for gun owners because it reminds the ATF it simply cannot rewrite federal law,said SAF Founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb.The agency has just been reminded that it can only enforce the law, not usurp the authority of Congress.”

Pistol Braces

When it came to the pistol brace reinterpreted rule redefining millions of pistols as short-barreled rifles, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals slapped down the BATFE for the exact same reasons. The trial judge then followed the Supreme Court’s guidance and declared the rule null and void. As Streiff over at Red State observed: 

Today’s decision was a clean sweep for the plaintiffs. Judge O’Connor slammed the BATFE for violating rule-making procedures and exceeding its regulatory authority. He stopped just short of asking the BATFE to provide written evidence that they had a clue or were capable of finding one.

Essentially what the BATFE did in creating both rules was make vague and illegal rules “interpretations”. It also violated the Administrative Procedures Act. 

Both the previous ruling limiting the Chevron Deference (hopefully soon to be struck down completely by SCOTUS), and the Bruen decision, are having major impacts in reining in an out-of-control federal administrative state. 

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Dave Funk
Iowa Firearms Coalition