ATV Carry Act Signed Into Law
Iowa's ATV Carry Act - 2016


This morning Governor Terry Branstad signed House File 2283, the ATV Carry Act, into law! This means after July 1st it will be legal for Permit to Carry holders to carry their pistols and revolvers while riding ATVs, snowmobiles, and other unlicensed vehicles. As some of you may remember this bill was watered down by Senate Democrats, but the passage of HF2283 is still a significant improvement over the way things were at the start of this session (when you couldn’t carry at all when riding).

You can read the full text of the bill HERE.

Privacy Protection Act

While we have your attention, please take 60 seconds to email your senator about HF2314, the Privacy Protection Act. If you have a Permit to Carry or Permit to Acquire this bill has a direct impact on you. The Privacy Protection Act puts an end to the media & others having free rein to collect and publish the private information of permit holders in Iowa.

The bill has passed every hurdle except a vote in the full Senate. We’ve set up a new Advocacy Campaign that makes it easy to email your senator urging them to pass HF2314 as written. This campaign has been getting a lot of traffic and it’s making an impact. The Privacy Protection Act has a very real chance of getting passed through a full Senate vote this session, but that’s only if we continue to push this issue to the forefront. We’re not through yet, we need you to keep fighting!

Email your senator right now, then forward this to anyone else you know who has a Permit to Carry and get them to do the same.

More to be done

After we passed the Hearing Protection Act we promised you we weren’t through fighting. Today we delivered another victory for Second Amendment advocates in Iowa. We’re plenty excited, but the Iowa Firearms Coalition is not done fighting. Not by a long shot. We’ve still got lots of work to get done, so we’re making you the same promise we made after we legalized suppressors: IFC has no plans of backing down now, and we will not slow down. We’re not going to take any breaks. We’re proud to be fighting to protect and enhance the rights of all 3+ million Iowans, and we know that deserve everything we’ve got. We’d love for you to join us.

More updates to come. Thank you for standing with the Iowa Firearms Coalition!

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