I just happened across this release from NSSF.  I found this concept fundamentally interesting.  I always hesitate to restrict businesses from participating, even if they hold a silly viewpoint, but this requires some thought and consideration.  Discrimination is different, however.  Apparently, the state of TX, followed the great state of Iowa, in passing Constitutional (permitless) Carry.  We’re glad to see them hurrying to catch up to Iowa’s great example!

“The new law requires corporations seeking to do business with the state and local government to certify that they hold no policies that discriminate against firearms or ammunition companies and will not implement any such policies while the contracts are in force. The law ensures that taxpayer-funded contracts aren’t used to benefit policies that discriminate and deny services to firearm and ammunition-related businesses. Texas taxpayers won’t be burdened with funding discriminatory policies that undermine their rights and throttle the businesses that provide the means to exercise those rights.”

What do you think?  Do businesses that arbitrarily discriminate against your civil rights really need to be enjoying taxpayer dollars to do so?

Find the full article HERE.

IFC is a proud member of the NSSF.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware
IFC Chairman