Did you know that Iowa is NO LONGER one of six states that do not recognize our precious Second Amendment rights in their constitutions? We’re no longer in the “I like to trample your civil rights” club consisting of California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Minnesota.  That all changed on November 8th, 2022.  2 out of every 3 voters in Iowa SAID YES to freedom and liberty.

The Freedom Amendment is the culmination of over a decade of hard work.  NRA and IFC have been partnered in this monumental endeavor from day one.  We built the language together, worked through the tweaks together, and pushed this forward when others didn’t even bother to declare “for” or “against” on the resolutions for the Freedom Amendment as they passed through the Iowa General Assembly.  It may sound odd, but lots of people show up to celebrate and take credit when there is a win.  Too few actually roll up their sleeves and work the issue day and night on behalf of others.  We’re proud to partner with NRA.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition, Iowa’s only effective gun-rights organization, has been hard at work for years to get this fixed! Amending Iowa’s Constitution was no easy task. The course was long and there are many hurdles and pitfalls along the way.  But the “Freedom Amendment” is now Section 1A of Iowa’s Constitution, having met the requirement to pass in two consecutive General Assemblies and then be ratified by a majority of Iowa voters.

Congratulations Iowans, you did it!

The newest Amendment to Iowa’s Constitution, the Freedom Amendment, reads:

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The sovereign state of Iowa affirms and recognizes this right to be a fundamental individual right. Any and all restrictions of this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny.”

The number of “thank yous” we owe is epic and we’re not sure we can do them all justice.  But, the best start is to high-five your liberty-loving friends and family that supported Iowan’s civil rights and then hit our IFC Action Center to send the Legislature a thank you note for pushing the measure forth for Iowans to ratify with their votes.

1. Send a note from our IFC Action Center thanking legislators and setting the stage for future protections.

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3. Consider donating to our sister organization, IFC-PAC, so we can continue to protect the right to keep and bear arms for Iowans of every color, sex, and creed. IFC-PAC Donation

In Libertatem.

Your friends at the Iowa Firearms Coalition