Take A Few Moments To Be Thankful For How IFC Won The Freedom Amendment Vote.

Nearly two years ago, the IFC Political Action Committee leadership sat down with a potential vendor to map out the most efficient course of action to ensure Iowans turned out and voted yes for the Freedom Amendment on November 8th this year.

As you might know, we won all but two counties, of course to no one’s surprise one of them was the forever anti-gun Johnson County, and by a margin of fewer than 160 votes out of 34,000 cast we just missed winning in Story County. However, the rest of Iowa carried the day, garnering more votes than any other candidate this year. Clearly bi-partisan support for the right to defend ourselves, our families, our homes, and if necessary the State of Iowa itself carried the day.

IFC PAC can thank the efforts of several statewide candidates, including Governor Reynolds, Attorney General-elect Brenna Bird, all four Congressional candidates, and the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action’s Grassroots Committee among others for their support of the Freedom Amendment.

What did IFC do differently than the traditional campaigns of years past? We hired 5 Seasons Media out of Cedar Rapids to run a purely digital campaign. We went where Iowa voters are every day, and spent a year and a half educating and building relationships with them.

Sure we produced a few yard signs and our leadership appeared at various events and forums across the state in the last few months of the campaign. But by any metric, the earned media 5 Seasons garnered for IFC, and the hundreds of thousands of individual Iowans who engaged with us on just Facebook alone were instrumental in this victory.

Please remember every day that your vote made a difference in this 97 of 99 counties victory with nearly 66 percent of Iowans voting yes on protecting our right to keep and bear arms. I’ll be reaching out in the very near future with ideas on how you can help ensure pro-freedom majorities continue to be held in the Iowa General Assembly and in Washington, DC.

Thank you again for your vote, and your membership.  Without them both we won’t continue winning.  Please enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Dave Funk
Iowa Firearms Coalition