Legislative Updates on Legislators Who Missed the Message From the Voters of Iowa Last November

This week’s President’s Message is an update on our Iowa Legislators who missed the Iowa voters’ message last November when they passed by an overwhelming majority the Freedom Amendment.

It’s understandable that Des Moines Metro and Johnson County area State Senators and Representatives feel pressure from the ten percent of Iowans who are Leftist dangerous quacks when it comes to gun control issues.  After all, a large percentage of that ten percent live in and around Des Moines and Iowa City, so that tends to amplify their voices demanding “common sense gun safety laws”.

As IFC Executive Committee Member Katie Howard so eloquently explained in her blog just a few days ago, so called “Gun Safety” laws are just newspeak for “Gun Control”.  The resistance to HF654 (the comprehensive gun bill that cleans up many parts of Iowa Code to bring them into compliance with both the Freedom Amendment and the  recent SCOTUS Decision (Bruen), is being brought up by the very vocal Leftist 10% who want a monopoly on power.

Surprising to no one, those anti-freedom Leftists are all for the arming of their favorite groups, be they LGBT, BLM, or Antifa, but not ordinary, everyday American citizens.  Recently, National Public Radio reporter Todd Bookman did a story on exactly that.  One of the quotes in the story was:

“I mean, if you go far enough left, you get your guns back.”

Need I say more?  Time to reach out AGAIN to your State Senator or State House Representative with your support of HF654.  Call, Fax, email, or use the IFC Action Alert system to reach out to them as soon as possible.  And while you’re at it, remind them that Iowan’s voted them into office, not the woke big banks and freight companies.  They need to support Governor Reynolds Anti-ESG bill, Senate File 507, and stop discriminating against firearm, agriculture, and energy businesses in Iowa.

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Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender our Liberties.

Dave Funk, President
President, IFC

Gun-control vs. gun-safety

Gun-control vs. gun-safety

A Distinction Without a Difference

The April 2023 edition of NRA’s “America’s 1st Freedom” magazine has a great article entitled “10 Things the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Concealed Carry“.   It’s well worth reading and I encourage you to do so.  The second of the ten points discussed in the article is the transition in the language used by the media and politicians over the past ten or so years.  For example, there has been a not-so-subtle shift in wording—now referring mostly to “gun-safety measures”, as opposed to “gun-control laws”.  This turn of phrase is not accidental and it has a significant impact when gun owners are trying to have a rational discussion with those who would like to see all guns banned.  It’s the same tactic used when they refer to “gun violence” instead of “violent crime”.  It takes the focus off the criminals and puts it on the guns.  Guns are therefore evil and since people don’t want evil amongst us, it stands to reason that we just need to get rid of guns.  Right?  NO.  Words, as someone reminded me recently, are important.  And the use of these words is a distinction WITHOUT a difference.

The words “gun-control” are threatening, but those who want a gun-free United States have gotten smarter.  They speak of  “gun-safety”, which sounds like a good societal goal.  We all want to feel safe.   “Gun-safety” sounds like a good thing.  But it is the same draconian Beto O’Rourke beating on the drum,  “Hell yes, we’re going to come for your AR-15s!” that has been going on for years.  It just sounds better.  It sounds more reasonable

A Deliberate Political Pivot

And therein lies the problem.  It is not just semantics.  It is a deliberate political pivot.  An industry-wide effort to make us seem as though we would prefer an unsafe world.  You must be an anarchist to not want “gun-safety”!

Make no mistake.   It is “gun-control” (aka “people-control”) plain and simple and that, in this country, is unconstitutional.  This has been borne out in several important court cases over the past fifteen years (Heller, McDonald, Bruen).  We have an unalienable, God-given right to keep and bear arms, for our own protection and the protection of others.  We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Those words matter.

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Mike Davis on Biden’s Executive Order

Mike Davis on Biden’s Executive Order

IFC Chair, John McLaughlin, interviews Mike Davis of the Article III Project on Biden’s new Executive Order. “Gun Control” is the goal, which translates to “People Control” in practical application. The only folks who opt into the myriad of laws are the good guys, not the bad guys.

When will it be enough?






You know they want your guns, be it through litigation, outright banning them, or just plain old making you a “Prohibited Person”.

When Congress passed the Gun Control Act of 1968 it codified several reasons that an American citizen could lose their right to keep and bear arms or ammunition. Most of you are familiar with BATFE Form 4473 and the Yes / No questions that must be answered before a Federal Firearms Licensee can legally transfer possession of any gun to you.

One of those questions is whether you have been adjudicated mentally incompetent or have been involuntarily committed to a mental institution. The Washington Examiner, along with several other news organizations, recently reported that the FBI, US Secret Service, and ICE have worked together to have roughly sixty citizens voluntarily sign away their constitutional rights. That’s despite them having no legal basis for those persons to do so. Part of being mentally incompetent means you cannot legally enter into contracts or agreements. How then can someone be deemed mentally incompetent if they are able to waive a constitutional right?

To quote the Washington Examiner:

The latest revelation comes after the Washington Examiner reported earlier this month that the FBI coordinated secretly with hospitals and medical centers to strip at least five U.S. citizens of their gun rights.


Following that report, several watchdog groups raised concerns over the FBI’s actions in collaboration with private and public medical facilities.


“Frustratingly, every day, there seems to be a new revelation of the FBI working to violate the rights of American citizens,” Tom Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation, a conservative watchdog, told the Washington Examiner, calling on the Republican-led Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to launch an investigation.

In Washington and around the country, there are hundreds of reports of people being targeted for prosecution; specifically, those who hold differing opinions from the leftist in power. This is just another example of our now “two-tiered” justice system. Hopefully Representative Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee can follow through on his promise to get to the bottom of this.

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Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC