Legislative Alert – VOTES expected TOMORROW (2/4)





We’ve received word the Iowa House of Representatives Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on several bills TOMORROW (2/4) afternoon. We’re believe we’ll see votes on the following pieces of potential legislation:

Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act
Hearing Protection Act
Emergency Protection Act

Here’s a link to the House Judiciary Committee members as well as their contact information.
We’re also pleased to announce the Privacy Protection Act has been introduced into the House of Representatives. This measure would keep the personal information of Iowa’s Permit to Carry holders from being collected en masse and published for the all the world to see. This has happened in Iowa before and we have no reason to believe it won’t happen again.
Two final thoughts.
One, the Simpson College Shooting Club in Indianola has come under attack from a group of anti-gunners trying to get the college’s board of trustees to dismantle the club. There’s a support petition that’s been started by Simpson College Shooting Club. Please sign the petition and show Simpson’s Board of Trustees that the shooting club deserves the full support of their college.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for this year’s Second Amendment Day (2/23) in the Iowa Legislature. If tomorrow’s votes in the House Judiciary Committee go well, there’s a chance we’ll see pro-gun owner bills debated and voted on on the 23rd. So mark your calendars, request a vacation day off work, and bring a few friends to join your fellow freedom loving Iowans in Des Moines on February 23rd.
More updates to come!


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