This is getting worse and worse, friends…  The unpopular portions of the VAWA reauthorization you can read about HERE and HERE, have been absorbed in the Government Spending Bill…  You can also watch/listen to a video explaining the problems on VAWA’s contents, HERE.  When you can’t get poor legislation pushed through on merit, you amend it into something that HAS TO make it to the President’s desk.

Is the American public to believe that it is normal to slide the VAWA bill from the Senate into the Government Spending Bill in the House at 1:30 AM?  This is a 2741 page bill that we’re told will be voted on as early as today…  Do you believe this is reasonable?  Do you believe this adequately defines good governance?

If you’d like to see the current version, check out the bill language itself.  What you’re looking for are pages 2207 through 2217.  HERE—>  Gov Spending Bill with VAWA NICS Silliness

Take a moment and send your Senators a message telling them NO on these anti-liberty measures HERE with our ACTION CENTER.